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Novak Djokovic Overcomes Nick Kyrgios to Win Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final – as It Occurred

 Novak Djokovic poses with his trophy, his seventh Wimbledon triumph, his 21st grand slam, despite the fact that he will be absent from this year’s US Open and the Australian Open in 2023 as things stand. He’ll get to Henman Hill/Norrie Knoll soon enough to show it off, but for now, he’s shaking hands with everyone he meets. In the end, he and Kyrgios are applauded as they depart the court. Your interest in our tournament blogs and articles is much appreciated by the entire staff.

In an Interview With Sue Barker, Novak Djokovic Discusses His Career

The good news is that Nick will return. Many finals, not just Wimbledon. Your performance proved that you are one of the world’s finest players. Well done, both to you and your colleagues. You have my best wishes, man.

I think you have a lot of potential as a performer. Considering our history together, I never expected to be so complimentary of you! The bromance is now official! You never know what you’ll discover in the course of this journey. Start with a meal and a few drinks, and we’ll see where this goes.

 Nick Kyrgios

How can I describe the significance of this trophy? It has always been, and will always be, the most prestigious event in the world of sports. Winning this trophy fulfilled a long-held ambition of mine from way back when. It just grows more significant with each passing year, and for that, I am truly grateful. The world’s most prestigious court. Thank you very much for having me here.

Big Nick Appears and Addresses Sue Barker

I’m not going to deny that he has the aura of a god about him. I think my performance was commendable. As a first step, I would like to congratulate Novak and his team for winning this championship so many times that I’m not sure how many times. To all the ball kids and umpires: I realize our relationship can be strained at times; I appreciate your patience. It’s been a fantastic few weeks for me personally as well, thanks to the support of the audience.

Not at all! I’m exhausted, to say the least. We’re all fatigued, even myself. We played a lot of tennis this week. I’m very pleased with the outcome, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be back here.

With a 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 victory over Kyrgios, Djokovic wins his sixth Wimbledon title

Kyrgios serves first, and he is penalized for a double-fault. Djokovic wins the first set 1-0. In the words of Kyrgios’s teammates, “Focus on the game, not us.” It’s a good idea. As Kyrgios shouts, Djokovic works a serve and volley for 2-0. Then, when Djokovic made an error that let Kyrgios tie the game at 2-2, the Serbian broke after getting overexcited following a long rally. Afterward, Kyrgios hits long for a 4-1 lead.

 Nick Kyrgios

He’s blaming his box once more. Despite his best efforts, he is only able to strike the top of his net. It’s a 5-1 victory for the visitors. Djokovic has another service, and after a long rally, the inevitable, Kyrgios slams the ball to the net. 6-0, five points in the final. Seconds later, Djokovic forces an error after a lengthy rally. The 21st grand slam is now his.

The Kyrgios Klub believes their player has a chance despite being down 0-15. At 15-15, though, there is an outbreak. A disguised forehand from Djokovic put him 30-15 down in the second set. Thirty-two points from 2-2 in sets. And on the second serve, Djokovic skids one that can’t be returned after taking a Nadal-like amount of time over the ball toss. As he serves out, the game goes to a tiebreaker.

Kyrgios accelerating play like he always does. However, a volleying blunder in response to a return forces the score to 15-15. In spite of this, he gets to 30-15 before piling in with an overhead. Then, just as Djokovic appeared to have the court at his mercy, he charged on and missed the mark. On his second serve, Kyrgios is down 40-15, yet he doesn’t protest the ruling on his missed winner. This guy didn’t even know that the ball had been sunk. That doesn’t matter; a massive serve will take care of it. As they take their seats, he has an opportunity to poke fun at the umpire. When dealing with an official, “You’re reluctant” is one of his more courteous gambits.