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Omar Apollo Responds to Sexuality Speculations With a Humorous Tweet

Omar Apollo has never shied away from discussing or singing about his sexuality, but that has not prevented critics from forming conclusions about the musician’s private life. One even inquired if he was bisexual, and the singer’s reaction could not have been funnier.

Monday, November 28th, a similar incident caused Omar to respond to a tweet accusing him of queerbaiting. Fans cannot control their laughter at his reaction!

A few months ago, he was romantically connected to Frank Ocean when an image purporting to show the two artists together went viral.

Is Omar Apollo Gay? Check Everything About Omar Apollo!

Omar Apollo Responds to Tweet Speculating About His Sexuality

Omar has sung and rapped openly about his homosexuality in his songs, without naming it. Nonetheless, many continue to wonder about his sexual orientation.

Today, a Twitter user accused the singer of queerbaiting in a message that stated, “Is Omar Apollo another musician who engages in queerbaiting?” Like those who say, “I don’t identify myself; let me wear cropped pants and paint my nails, and I’ll tell you I find another person attractive,” because I enjoy his music but dislike supporting straight males who engage in queerbaiting.

The musician responded to the fan’s assertion by jokingly insinuating in his tweet that he was “fr” (for genuine) interested in relationships with guys. We cannot, however, embed his Tweet owing to the profanity it contains.

Singer Identifies Himself as Queer

As if navigating celebrity life wasn’t difficult enough, some, like Omar, have had to cope with the pressure that comes with identifying as gay.

In an interview with Distractify from earlier this year, the musician stated that he preferred to identify as “gay” without a label since it helps him avoid tone-deaf interviewers.

Additionally, he previously said he was “very homosexual.”

In another interview with Rolling Stone, he emphasized the intricacy of the same by saying, “I’m extremely upfront about it in my songs and on Twitter. However, when it comes to defining myself. It’s a pleasure to say “gay” I’m not sure. I’m complicated.”

Rumors About Dating With Frank Ocean

The allegation that Frank and Omar were dating originated from a photo that went popular on Twitter months ago.

As soon as fans saw images of the two artists on vacation in Italy and Greece, they assumed something was cooking between them. And the fact that they posted photographs that looked to have been shot at the same vacation spot further fueled the speculations.

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