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‘OUTSTANDING CHILDREN’ Asher and Tristan Henstridge are Natasha Henstridge’s children.

Natasha Henstridge has two children from her previous marriage to actor Liam Waite.

Tristan River Waite, 24, and Asher Sky Waite, 21, are her sons.

Asher and Tristan Henstridge are Natasha Henstridge’s children?

Tristan was born in October 2008 to Natasha Henstridge and Liam Waite, and Asher was born in September 2001.

The couple never married and divorced in 2004.

The single mother of two fell in love again the following year, this time with Scottish singer and Pop Idol star Darius Campbell Danesh.

The couple was on-again, off-again, getting engaged, then breaking up in 2010, then marrying in secret in 2011.

In 2013, the couple filed for divorce.

Danesh was just 30 when they married, and he became the stepfather to two children, ages 13 and 10.

He had, however, been a part of their lives for much longer.

He began dating Henstridge in 2004, when he was only 22 years old and the boys were only six and three years old.

Darius Campbell Danesh shared his thoughts on his time with Tristan and Asher

Danesh stated of the sons, “Natasha had two amazing children, Tristan and Asher, and I had the luxury of being a very close friend to them over many years, and I fear to mention the word stepfather, but you grow to love these children as much as you could your own.”

In addition, he stated: “But what I’m left with is a sense of how fortunate I was to have an impact on the lives of these two little boys.

“I got to play on the beach with them, take them on vacation, and bring them to Edinburgh while I was in Guys and Dolls to tell them ghost stories on the Royal Mile.

“It was incredible. So I can only express my thanks for our partnership.”

What happened to Darius Campbell Danesh?

On August 11, 2022, Danesh’s body was discovered in his residence.

Just three days later, he’d be turning 42 years old.

There is still no word on what killed him.

On August 16, 2022, his family released a statement announcing his death.

The following was taken from a statement: “It is with deep regret that we share the news of Darius Campbell Danesh’s demise.

On August 11, the medical examiner’s office in Rochester, Minnesota, pronounced Darius dead after he was discovered comatose in bed in his apartment room.

Police in the area have said there were no indications of criminal intent or anything out of the ordinary.

“At this time, medical exams have not revealed what caused his unexpected death.

Please give us space as we mourn the death of our son and brother in this sad accident.

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