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Rapper Xzibit Has Been Ordered to Pay His Estranged Wife $6,000 Per Month in Spousal Support

In the provision that followed their divorce, Xzibit was ordered to pay $6,000 to his estranged wife on a monthly basis. Additionally, as a result of their divorce settlement, he is responsible for footing the price for her exorbitant legal fees.

On Monday, August 1, a hearing was held between the rapper Xzibit and his ex-girlfriend Krista Joiner. Despite the fact that the rapper had stated in the beginning that he lacked sufficient finances, the hearing resulted in him being required to make consistent payments to Krista.

He will be required to make payments of $2239 for child support and $3702 for spousal support each month.

According to documents filed with the court, X has been given an order to pay child support in the amount of $2,239 per month for their son Gatlyn, who is 10 years old. The payments will continue until Gatlyn attains the age of eighteen.

In addition, the rapper and producer of the “Paparazzi” video will be required to pay an additional $3,702 per month in spousal support. In addition, he will be required to pay $5,941 in support arrears for the month of July in order to resolve support arrears.

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In addition to these payments, Xzibit will also pay Krista a total of $125,000 to cover all of her legal bills for the life of this litigation. Krista will receive $50,000 of this money so that she can engage her own forensic accountant to investigate Xzibit’s finances.

The rapper Xzibit has a monthly income of over one million dollars, according to Xzibit’s brother Jason.

Due he had wriggled his way out of tour cancellations and other appearances being canceled all throughout the epidemic, Xzibit asked the judge in his initial petition that his ex-wife should not be awarded spousal support. This was because of Xzibit’s initial plea.

Despite this, Krista said that the rapper’s brother Jason told her that he generated over one million dollars each month from his cannabis company. Her allegations are based on what Jason allegedly told her. In addition, Jason asserted that he had stored twenty million dollars for Xzibit in a number of different vaults and that he was able to give Xzibit cash anytime the latter need it.

It is anticipated that Xzibit and his ex-wife will reappear in court in February 2023 in order to formalize the support arrangement that was previously discussed. After submitting the petition for divorce in February 2021, Krista started the process of asking her spouse for spousal maintenance.

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How Does Xzibit Make His Name?

Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, better known by his stage name Xzibit, is a rapper, actor, television presenter, and radio personality from the United States. He is perhaps most recognized for providing the vocals for the group Run the Jewels.

Xzibit kicked off his career as a musician with the publication of his first studio album, At the Speed of Life, on October 15, 1996. This record marked the beginning of Xzibit’s career as a musician. The album was well received by critics and consumers alike, and in its first week of release, it reached its highest position on the Billboard 200 albums chart at number 74.

This album has several of the band’s singles, including “Paparazzi,” which reached its highest position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 83. The success that Xzibit had at the beginning of that year led to the signing of a contract with Loud Records later on in that same year.

Xzibit is well-known for his roles as the host of the reality television series Pimp My Ride and the character Shyne Johnson in the television series Empire. Xzibit is also a well-known actress. Gridiron Gang, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and Sun Dogs are just few of the movies that the actor has appeared in previously.

The judicial proceedings have now come to a conclusion and a result has been determined. The amount of spousal support that should be paid has been determined and the decision has been made public. What are your thoughts on the decision that the court made? Do you believe that it was the best choice? Your feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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