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Samantha “4thGenna” Kellyman Tiktok Singer Passed Away Following Surgery 

Tatiana Robinson, the daughter of the late TikTok singer and entrepreneur Samantha ‘4thgenna’ Kellyman, stated that her mother was continuously ridiculed over the sagging of her skin, which contributed to the 34-year-old undergoing body enhancement surgery in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago.

But the native of Spanish Town never got to show off her new body since she was declared dead on December 3, four days after the procedure. Tatiana, age 18, remains incredulous.

“My constant refrain is that my mum is still alive. I am accustomed to her traveling, so I simply convince myself that she is still foreign “She stated, As she sat in her yard on Chambers Lane in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, the adolescent inhaled deeply as she recalled how her mother was occasionally mocked for the color of her skin.

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People often told her that her skin was unattractive since she was obese. Prior to a couple of years ago, she underwent surgery and lost a significant amount of weight, resulting in bumps and the like on her skin. She seldom eats, so if she buys three meals for the three of us, my younger brother will consume two of them. As previously said, she dropped weight, but her sagging skin affected her, so she decided to have surgery “Robinson added.

Kellyman was a well-known personality in the party scene and ran a bar in her front yard. She also has a significant TikTok fanbase. Her daughter characterized her as a devoted and hardworking mother who would move mountains to care for her family.

“She traveled to and from work and owned a bar. She constantly carries me and my brother out the door. She frequently took us out, and she enjoyed socializing.

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She took excellent care of us, and we ran a lot of jokes and other things deh “She stated, Robinson, stated that her mother did not want people to know that she was undergoing surgery, speculating that she may have been self-conscious about critics. On November 28, Robinson checked into the medical institution and underwent surgery the next day.

“We spoke from Monday through Friday (December 2), and she was in good health. She created a TikTok video after undergoing surgery. After undergoing surgery, I saw that the area surrounding her eyes was black, and her typically white face was now dark. Even on Friday night, she said, “Didn’t you see my face get black?” and she confirmed that she had left the cream.

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Mi asks her whether she is fine, and she responds affirmatively. She asked for my younger brother but was unable to speak with him because he was nearby. She even left a voicemail expressing her want to speak with him “Robinson stated.

She reported receiving a call from her mother’s best friend, who instructed her to contact her grandma because something was amiss. The terrified youngster said that she attempted to contact her mother via WhatsApp, but received no response.

“My mum was last spotted on WhatsApp shortly before 6 a.m. on Saturday. They inform us that she is in the intensive care unit, cannot breathe properly, and her blood does not flow. They advise my grandma to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. My mother went there with another female, who also did her body and was in good health “she added.

She recalled her feelings upon hearing the tragic news that her mother had died.

“Mi simply feels like say mi spirit departs my body, fi tells yuh di truth. Mi bawl, mi roll, and mi all fall through the fence, scraping up my back. Mi grandma said my mother’s body is expected to arrive this week “She stated.

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