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Season 2 of Shadow and Bone will it debut in January 2023? Rumor or Real

Fans of Netflix are now in the final month of the year and counting down the days before some of their favorite series return for new seasons in 2023. The fourth season of You will launch in the first part of the new year, and we cannot wait for The Witcher season 3 to debut in the summer.

There are also other titles confirmed for 2023, but we do not know when the month or time of year they will be released. The second season of Shadow and Bone, about which we learned during TUDUM, will certainly premiere in 2023.

But when precisely? It was solely a matter of conjecture until recently when astute fans uncovered a post on Instagram that may have revealed the release month. If this is accurate, then the second season of Shadow and Bone will be released very soon.

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Huw Gwyther, the founder of major magazines including Wonderland, just shared the winter edition of Wonderland on Instagram. Archie Renaux, star of Shadow and Bone, appears on the cover wearing an all-black Givenchy ensemble. However, many viewers were sidetracked by a little detail in the caption. Check out the below post and see if you can see it:


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A post shared by Huw Gwyther (@huwgwyther)

Renaux, according to Gwyther, is the “star of the great @shadowandbone” series, which “returns to @netflix in January.” January? What, next month? Obviously, a large number of individuals raced to the comments area to inquire about this seemingly shocking revelation.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Release Date

Although this article appears to indicate the month, we just aren’t sure yet because Netflix has not yet disclosed the release date for Shadow and Bone season 2. Though the next season should premiere as soon as feasible, it would be unusual given that Netflix hasn’t done anything to advertise it. Would they really just drop the upcoming season without any teasers, posters, or other promotional materials?

Season 4 of You is a good example. The first portion of it will be released in February 2023, and the second part will follow in March 2023. Since receiving those release dates at TUDUM in September, we have received posters and further promotional materials.

Shadow and Bone season 2 being removed from Netflix at such short notice would be unprecedented, but hey, who knows? We’re not saying it can’t be done. However, because it is one of their most popular originals, I would be quite surprised if it was released in January.

For the most recent information on the Shadow and Bone season 2 release date and other news, stay tuned to Netflix Life. Any hints, affirmations, or prospective revelations will be closely watched by us.

Shadow and Bone Season 1 Trailer

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