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See Photos of Ryan Gosling in His New Look for an Upcoming Film.

Ryan Gosling continues to show his acting range! The well-known actor recently appeared in a new outfit for his forthcoming film, seeming practically unrecognizable.

In Sydney, Australia, Gosling was spotted wearing a 1980s-inspired outfit while filming his new movie, The Fall Guy. Continue reading to learn more about the actor’s future project and to view his most recent image.

Ryan Gosling’s New Outfit Is Unrecognisable

On Thursday, during the filming of his next movie, Gosling was spotted with long hair and a beard. The actor wore a red jacket and black jeans with a white shirt tucked into them. A backward baseball cap complemented his ensemble, and at one point, the actor was observed sporting black sunglasses as he leaped into the air.

Ryan Gosling's New Outfit Is Unrecognisable

The production was taking place atop a five-story parking garage. Fans have also been discussing Ryan Gosling’s new look on social media. Some find the outfit amusing, with one commenter noting, “RYAN GOSLING” I CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING RIGHT NOW,” and “PLEASE CHECK ON RYAN GOSLIN”

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One fan exclaimed, “Ryan Gosling just brightened my whole day,” while another tweeted, “every time set photos of Ryan Gosling are out, I either laugh my asses off for three hours straight or utter the f-word.”

Previously, Ryan’s ‘Ken’ Look Broke the Internet

This is not the first time that the La La Land star’s appearance has caused the internet to explode. Previously, he had similar emotions when the first stills from his next film “Barbie” were released.

Gosling, who portrays Ken, the male lead in the picture, was spotted with sculpted abs, blonde hair, and a pair of underpants that read “Ken.” After receiving varied comments from the crowd, Ryan stated in an interview, “I was startled by how some people were clutching their pearls over my Ken as if they had never considered Ken before! Never did they play with Ken!”

Previously, Ryan's 'Ken' Look Broke the Internet
Previously, Ryan’s ‘Ken’ Look Broke the Internet

“No one ever plays with Ken, dude. He is a mere accessory and not even a cool one. Ken lacks money, a job, a vehicle, and a residence. He is going through some challenges. These are only objective facts about Ken and are not narrative specifics. That is Ken’s way of life,” he continued.

The Fall Guy Comes Out in 2024

The Fall Guy, the film that will include Gosling in the much-talked-about appearance, is scheduled for release on March 1, 2024. The film is based on the 1981–1986 television series of the same name.

In this film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, Gosling plays a Hollywood stuntman working as a bounty hunter. Refn is well-known for having directed the first John Wick film. Emily Blunt, known for her roles in A Quiet Place and Edge of Tomorrow, will play the female lead in the next movie.

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