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Shakira Will Stand Trial for €14.75 Million in Spanish Tax Evasion

Shakira has decided not to accept the prosecutors’ offer of a plea bargain in the 14.75 million euro tax evasion case pending against her in Spain.

Shakira is still facing charges of tax evasion, and she has chosen to proceed to trial rather than accept prosecutors’ offer of a plea bargain in the matter of a $14.75 million tax fraud.

This decision has kept her in legal trouble. The Colombian singer’s attempt to overturn her conviction for tax evasion was rejected by a court in Spain in May, clearing the way for the singer to be tried for the crime. An earlier ruling by another judge found that there is sufficient evidence to support the conclusion that the singer evaded her financial responsibilities.

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Shakira Made the Decision to Clear Her Name…

According to her public relations team, the Colombian singer Shakira has decided to stand trial in Spain for the charges that she cheated the Spanish government out of over €15 million in taxes. The allegations stem from the fact that it is alleged that she committed the fraud (July 27).

According to her legal representatives, the Colombian woman, who is 45 years old, turned down a plea bargain that was offered by the authorities in Spain because she wishes to demonstrate her innocence in court.

According to a statement sent by Shakira’s public relations firm, Llorentey Cuenca, the singer “trusts her innocence and wishes to put the issue in the hands of the authorities.”

A judge in Spain had previously decided that there was sufficient evidence to suggest that Colombian singer Shakira may have avoided her fiscal obligations to the state. In May, a court in Spain rejected the singer’s appeal in the case, which cleared the way for a trial to take place. Shakira is best known for her work in the pop music industry.

A judgement from July was maintained by the court. In that ruling, Spanish Judge Marco Juberas stated that after conducting an investigation that lasted three years, he concluded that there was “sufficient proof of wrongdoing” for the matter to be brought to trial.

The pop star was charged by Spanish authorities in 2018 with failing to pay taxes totaling €14.5 million on revenue she received between 2012 and 2014. The case dates back to that year. If Shakira is found guilty of tax evasion, she faces the possibility of being punished or perhaps jailed for her actions.

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What exactly is the source of the debate?

The pop star’s place of residence is at the center of the legal dispute, as the prosecution contends that she spent the most of her time in Spain, despite the fact that she maintained a domicile in the Bahamas. A earlier ruling by the court determined that “she maintains a usual residence” in Spain.

It was reported in 2017 that Shakira was the sole stakeholder of a Malta-based corporation that was being used to transfer $30 million in music rights.

This information was released in the Paradise Papers, which named Shakira as one of the individuals involved. Her legal counsel argued that her use of the corporation did not violate any laws in any way.

In 2018, Spanish officials started looking into her money as part of an inquiry. During the years 2012–2014, when she was residing in Spain with Piqué and their family, the public prosecutors discovered that she had not paid any taxes in that country.

Shakira, in her defense, stated that her primary residence was in the Bahamas, and that while she was not there, she was travelling globally. A Spanish judge concluded in July 2021 that there was “proof of crime” sufficient for Shakira to be tried for charges of tax fraud and that she should be summoned before the court.

Regarding the potential plea deal, the prosecutors did not provide any additional information regarding the offer, which is still on the table up until the beginning of the trial in Barcelona. Shakira, on the other hand, has made the decision to go to trial in order to establish her innocence.

If found guilty of tax evasion, the band “Hips Don’t Lie” could be subject to a monetary penalty as well as possible jail time. First-time offenders who are condemned to less than two years in prison may petition the judge to have their prison sentences reduced or perhaps dismissed entirely.

Once the study has begun, the outcome will be determined by a number of different elements. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Shakira’s future court case.

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