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Shocking News: Bella Poarch Files for Divorce From Her Secret Husband, the Tiktok Star

Bella Poarch has, in an unexpected turn of events, filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch. The announcement has shocked many, considering the influencer has kept her marriage a secret for so long.

The Filipino-American singer Poarch has over 92 million fans on TikTok, yet she has never mentioned her husband or posted a photo with him. Continue reading to learn more about Poarch’s divorce from her husband.

Bella Poarch requests a divorce from her husband

The tabloid TMZ has obtained legal paperwork filed in Los Angeles County by Bella Poarch. Bella, whose real name is Denarie, is divorcing her spouse Tyler Poarch, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to the paperwork.

The divorce documents indicate that the pair wed in January 2019. Interestingly, just two days before her wedding, the social media sensation was spotted smiling and posing for a mirror selfie.

In the past three years, Poarch has posted a large number of images and videos to social media, but none of them show her wearing a wedding band. The influencer has previously declared multiple times that she was unmarried.

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Fans Were Shocked by the Disclosure

As soon as social media followers learned of Poarch’s divorce, they expressed astonishment at the influencer’s ability to conceal her marriage for so many years. A fan remarked, “For Bella Poarch to have spent her entire career in the spotlight while concealing a whole guy for four years is an insane level of stealth.”

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“Because Bella Poarch managed to keep her marriage a secret for four years, her pals are faithful,” commented one fan, while another tweeted, “In addition to Bella Poarch being secretly married. I am also surprised that her husband’s last name is not Poarch. Denarii Ms. Gurl or should I say Mrs. Girl was Denarie Bautista Taylor; her name is NOT Bella.”

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Bella Poarch is the ideal illustration of why I find it hard to believe that some of these second-generation K-pop idols are not married. “At the end of the day, it is the celebrity’s decision whether or not to divulge it to the public, regardless of how engaging or forthcoming they may appear to be with their fans,” another admirer wrote.

Last year, rumors that Bella was dating Tyga began to circulate

In September 2017, reports began to circulate that the social media sensation was dating the rapper Tyga after the two appeared in TikTok videos together. The pair was observed dancing to the rapper’s music in his Los Angeles home. Poarch later clarified that the reports were unfounded and that the two were merely friends.

Last year, rumors that Bella was dating Tyga began to circulate

She stated on the H3 podcast that she had been unmarried for a year earlier this year. The 25-year-old woman disclosed that she dated two males throughout her time in the Navy. After learning that she was leaving the Navy due to mental health issues, the second man supposedly dumped her.

How do you feel about Bella Poarch’s secret marriage and subsequent divorce? In the comments area, tell us.

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