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Super Mario Bros: Fans are Admiring Donkey Kong’s Design In The Movie’s New Trailer

Long before Mario began on his quest to save Princess Peach in “Super Mario Brothers,” the muscular Italian plumber was busy rescuing a similar-looking damsel in “Donkey Kong,” a massively famous arcade game launched in 1981.

This 8-bit arcade classic, which was eventually transferred onto the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1986, spawned two unique franchises that continue to thrive in the annals of Nintendo’s illustrious journey from the ’80s to the Nintendo Switch of today. In the forty-plus years following the characters’ debut, their appearance has also evolved, with the most recent design seen in the second trailer for the forthcoming “Super Mario Brothers” film.

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In the clip, Donkey Kong (voiced by Seth Rogen) is shown engaged in combat with Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt), which instantly goes to the huge gorilla’s advantage as he defeats Mario with comedic ease. The crazy and lively ape may also be seen in a collection of karts reminiscent of the finest moments from the “Mario Kart” video game series.

New Mario movie trailer stars Peach, Donkey Kong, and a lovely Rainbow Road

Fans are already enthralled with Donkey Kong’s brief debut in the second promotional teaser for the upcoming film, regardless of his role in the film.

In the latest film, fans are admiring Donkey Kong’s design

In addition to brief words from the film’s creators and voice actors, Nintendo of America has published a second promotional clip for “The Super Mario Brothers Movie,” after the release of the film’s initial teaser in early October 2022.

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In the latest film, fans are admiring Donkey Kong's design

Donkey Kong appears in the first minute of the new teaser, and many fans reacted by simply uttering the character’s name despite his very brief screen time in comparison to other series heroes. Twitter user @ExpandDong15 just posted “DONKEY KONG” in all capital letters. The more lively @lky1ink responded by tweeting “FUNKY KONG LET’S GOOOOO,” followed by a screenshot of the ape driving his kart while wearing sunglasses.

In the YouTube comment sections for the teaser, @mrhowlforever posted, “I truly love Donkey Kong’s look. In all honesty, they should save it for games. I believe it adds some joy to the character again.

Every aspect of this trailer was excellent, and I really like Chris Pratt’s performance!” In addition to his participation in this film, Seth Rogen will also voice the character in his very own “Donkey Kong” film, so fans should be prepared for more of the character. This is indisputable proof of the massive popularity of both Nintendo characters and their separate fanbases.

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