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#TBRTrending, Pick is Stocking Stuffers, Erin McLellan

All of my #TBRTrending picks for the month of December will be holiday-themed. The first novel is Erin McLellan’s Stocking Stuffers, which is, as expected, a Christmas romance.

Clearly, Christmas is the most important holiday observed at this time of year. Later in the month, romance novels incorporating all holidays, including Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, will be highlighted.

Beginning with a Christmas romance may seem like an easy decision, but there are several underappreciated Christmas romances available. In my opinion, Christmas is a holiday that many authors adore, thus they write about it.

If you’re searching for something steamy to read this Christmas season, Stocking Stuffers is an excellent choice.

#TBRTrending pick is Stocking Stuffers by Erin McLellan

Stocking Stuffers is the first novel in Erin McLellan’s So Over the Holidays series, despite being a Christmas romance. This is a series of interrelated standalone stories about the Holiday siblings, each of whom has his or her own relationship. Each book is obviously focused on a different holiday.

Stocking Stuffers is everything you love about a Hallmark holiday film, but with a spicy twist. It follows Sasha, a sex-toy representative recruited for the Christmas dinner of a romantic reading club.

It’s going swimmingly until she becomes snowed in and stranded. However, she quickly develops a friendship with Perry, a tattooed romance reader.

This book has a little bit of everything, since it is set over the Christmas season, contains really passionate scenes, and the protagonist is bisexual and utilizes toys during sex.

Additionally, it features the sexiest moments that will quickly warm you up despite the cold weather. Plus, it’s the first book in a series, so you’ll be able to read this before Valentine’s Day and immediately begin the second book.

Although it has been about two years since I first read this, I am actually persuading myself to do so. The most surprising aspect of this book is that it has barely over 700 reviews on Goodreads.

If you are a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, it is also accessible there. If you purchased a Black Friday bargain for Stocking Stuffers, now is a wonderful time to add it to your KU TBR.

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