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Tell Me Lies Season 1 Finale Recap: Who is Lydia?

We discuss a theory from the Tell Me Lies finale – who is Lydia, and is she Lucy’s Best Friend? We deep dive into the question and explain the theory.

Tell Me Lies has captivated audiences for weeks with its captivating, plot-twisting narrative. Tell Me Lies may have been quite dull, but it quickly gained momentum and became a very fascinating film to watch. With well-written characters and (mostly) believable events, it was a show that many could envision occurring in their own lives. The behavior of Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen (Jackson White), a couple who are extremely poisonous too, and for one another, has devastating effects on the people around them.

However, the Tell Me Lies finale prompted many viewers to make an essential point and raise numerous doubts regarding the second season’s potential plot.

Tell Me Lies Season 1 Finale Recap

There were numerous occurrences in episode 10. However, the season concludes with a cut to Bree and Evan’s wedding. We replay the scene of Wrigley becoming intoxicated and destroying a dessert plate. But Lucy is warned to be kind to Wrigley because “his brother’s birthday was yesterday.” As Lucy leaves, Stephen arrives to introduce himself.

They greet each other and express happiness to see each other. Stephen then informs Lucy that his fiancee, Lydia, is very eager to see her once more. After that, Lucy and Lydia reunite, and the episode concludes.

In Tell Me Lies, is Lydia Lucy’s closest friend?

Who is Lydia, then? This is the most annoying question posed in the conclusion. However, if you’ve been paying attention, you may have spotted Lydia in a few episodes. Clearly, the creators of the series have a long-term story arc in mind.

It indicates that Lydia is Lucy’s best high school classmate from her hometown. During the winter break, you would have observed Lydia conversing with Lucy about Stephen. Additionally, you will have seen Lydia in college with Lucy.

Who is Lydia in Tell Me Lies?

Aside from a few nuggets revealed during season 1, we don’t know very lot about Lydia. She appeared for the first time in episode 1, and then again in episode 5, the Christmas chapter. Her final appearance then occurs in episode 10. Therefore, we are left in a maddening muddle, wondering who she is and what she may signify in season 2.

Who is Lydia in Tell Me Lies?

Even though the second season has not been confirmed, there remains uncertainty as to whether the series will return. The novel is, after all, a complete story, but the series plays with the notion that there are still more stories to be told. Based on the conclusion of the first season. And based on the negative response it received, I believe it will return.

However, Lydia’s presence may provide more context for season 2 than we now believe. The fact that Lucy, Lydia, and Stephen are intertwined in one other’s lives at various stages adds depth to the narrative. The animosity between Lucy and Stephen remains the story’s driving force.

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