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Teyana Taylor and Lori Harvey Talk About “Dating on Your Own Terms”

The first episode of Bumble’s Luv2SeeIt premiered on Wednesday, August 10, with host Teyana Taylor interviewing Lori Harvey about her dating experiences. The model and businesswoman discussed her red and green flags for a potential romantic relationship.

When Taylor questioned Harvey about her dating qualms, Harvey replied, “If you’re too close to your exes, that’s a red flag.” I think just taking control, making sure you maintain your power, don’t give your power away to anyone… is the key to truly being happy in or out of a relationship, she continued. Right now, I’m very much in a space where I’m not doing anything that’s going to compromise my peace and happiness.

Harvey admitted, “I was a terrible communicator and didn’t know. I just ended a very public relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan. I had no idea how bad it was, but I did learn. Consequently, I’ve been actively working on that. Joint photos from the couple’s Instagram accounts were deleted around May or June, which suggests that they called it quits. Steve Harvey, Lori’s father, later confirmed it on his morning radio show.

Lori continued by discussing the time in 2017 when she came very close to getting married. “I nearly married very young… I had no life experience; I didn’t know who I was; I didn’t know what I liked or didn’t like, she admitted. “I feel as though I haven’t lived. At that point, I decided to date on my own terms, move however I pleased, and do whatever I pleased, and if it was no longer serving me, I would move on.

The Luv2SeeIt series was launched by the “women-first dating and social networking app” to capture Black singles’ dating journeys. According to a press release that VIBE was able to obtain, Luv2SeeIt will examine the dating lives of well-known celebrities like Joey Bada$$, Jidenna, Niecy and Dia Nash, and Madison Bailey, and more.

The goal of Luv2SeeIt, a collaboration between the creative agency 19th & Park and Taylor’s all-female production company The Aunties, is to amplify and diversify the narrative of Black performers, athletes, and businesspeople. The program will delve into issues like open relationships, polyamory, and nonbinary dating. Additionally, it will provide a forum for guests to discuss topics like dating after loss, red flags in dating profiles, and sex and intimacy. Actual Bumble users will appear in a few episodes.

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Working on Luv2SeeIt with the Bumble team has been an amazing project, according to Taylor. Thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding partners who believed in the Aunties’ ability to handle such delicate and unique subjects.

“Black love is so complex, and the conversations I had with both friends and complete strangers were so authentic, which I hope viewers can also feel,” she continued. I hope that viewers will be able to identify with these stories and enjoy these episodes as much as I did while hosting them.

According to co-founder, and CEO of 19th & Park, “OurWhitney Headen, team set out to create a program that was reflective of what the Black dating experience looks like today; Black people are not a monolith, and the content that’s created for us should be reflective of that.” We were able to discuss real situations that Gen Z and Millennials of all races face in the modern world thanks to Bumble.