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The New Manti Te’o Documentary on Netflix Should Be Seen by Everyone

1. Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, a two-part series on Netflix, looks like it will be a must-watch, as I said in Tuesday’s Traina Thoughts trailer. In this case, I was correct.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about the shocking 2013 revelation that Manti Teo’s dead girlfriend never existed, including how the catfish happened, why it happened, how it got exposed, how the scandal hurt Te’o’s career, the toll it took on To both on and off the field, and much more.

What you want from a documentary series is for it to answer any questions you may have had about the To saga, and that’s exactly what you get here.

Part 1 of this series focuses on how transgender woman Naya Tuiasosopo catfished senior Notre Dame football player Manti To in 2013. Netflix even included a disclaimer at the beginning of both episodes saying that the people interviewed for the show were unaware that Tuiasosopo had recently transitioned.

The second installment of the series explores the impact of Deadspin’s revelation that Te’o’s girlfriend was a hoax on both his professional and personal lives.

The New Manti Te'o Documentary (1)

The process by which Deadspin’s Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey learned that Te’o’s girlfriend did not exist, investigated the claim, and then broke the story was fascinating to watch unfold. (I’ll be honest and say that I know both Burke and Dickey from our time working together at Sports Illustrated, and Burke will be a guest on this week’s SI Media Podcast.)

Since I work in sports media, I’m obviously going to be partial, but it was interesting to recall the media fervor that surrounded this event and observe how a major story was reported and covered back then. It was fascinating to think back on the early days of the Internet and the sports blogging community. Not in a good way, mind you; this is really just a story about how some sick people messed with a good man’s life.

Essentially, that’s what this whole series is about. If you don’t feel terrible for Te’o after watching this series, you clearly don’t have any emotions.

The question “How could Te’o fall for this scam?” was a popular one for a while. The show does a great job of illustrating how simple it was for him to be duped.

Some of the most moving scenes in the show are those that show the toll this took on Te’o and his loved ones. Te’o was the victim at every turn, from having his draught stock plummet, to being the target of constant mockery, to having some people speculate that he was involved in this hoax.

Moreover, Te’o’s health suffered for years as a direct result of the scandal. It broke my heart to hear it from his own lips.

The New Manti Te'o Documentary (1)

Tuiasosopo’s shocking lack of remorse in the documentary was shocking. She caused serious harm to many people, but she seemed oblivious to the extent of her actions’ consequences. The series failed if one of its objectives was to make Tuiasosopo a likable character.

2. while it doesn’t quite reach the “what on Earth is going on here?” level of the Manti Te’o story, it’s still pretty bizarre. The defamation lawsuit that Patrick Reed has filed against Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channel is serious business.

Reed states that Chamblee and Golf Channel have “actively targeted” him for the past nine years in an effort to “destroy his reputation, create hate and a hostile work environment for him, and with the intention to discredit his name and accomplishments as a young, elite, world-class golfer.”

The New Manti Te'o Documentary (1)

This may sound ridiculous, but consider that this is Reed’s lawyer.

On Tuesday, CBS introduced the broadcast teams that will be working for the NFL this year. Fox made the crew announcements last week. From September to January, here are the Sunday duos you can look forward to.

On Tuesday night, a video of a Yankees fan allegedly getting a “haircut” during the game went viral on Twitter, prompting numerous media outlets to report the incident. The one and the only issue are. No, he didn’t go get a haircut. There is no button to press, no scissors, and nothing else.

Five, Dennis Eckersley, an analyst for the Red Sox, made headlines last night when he ripped into the Pirates organization during the game. What makes this story interesting and tragic is that Eckersley is being praised for being forthright and truthful. There was no inappropriate language on his part.