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The Triangle of Sadness Ending is Explained: What Occurs to Carl and Yaya?

“Triangle of Sadness,” Ruben Ostlund’s most recent social satire, is, at least upon first viewing, utterly entertaining and impressive. But without the impact of “Force Majeure” or the deeper nuance of “The Square,” this new black comedy comes off as rather blunt and in your face.

“Triangle of Sadness,” which has three acts and a brief prologue, follows model couple Carl and Yaya as they travel in style on a pricey yacht, mingle with the ultra-rich, and eventually experience unforeseen circumstances.

Despite having some debatably weak spots, “Triangle of Sadness,” which won the Palme d’Or for 2022 (Ostlund’s second after “The Square” in 2017), succeeds in saying what it sets out to say while still being entertaining.

What is the Plot of the ‘Triangle of Sadness’ About?

The film begins with a brief visual introduction to one of our protagonists, Carl, as he auditions with other male models for casting. Carl appears to be working hard to establish himself in the field. Yaya, on the other hand, is a much more established model, and she even opens a new brand’s fashion show while her boyfriend Carl sits in the back row.

The Triangle of Sadness Ending is Explained

The couple goes out to eat at a nice restaurant and gets into an argument about who should pay the bill. Carl believes that in a relationship, gender roles should be equal, and he waits for Yaya to pick up the bill, especially since she promised to do so the night before.

Yaya, on the other hand, appears to like the fact that her man is willing to meet her needs, and she believes in the transactional nature of a relationship. Dissatisfied with the dinner and the subsequent taxi ride back to the hotel, the couple initially spends some time apart until Yaya finally returns to Carl’s room.

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The lovers appear to reconcile, and Carl makes a half-hearted promise that he will make Yaya fall in true love with him someday soon, beyond the transactional phase in which they are currently engaged.

Carl and Yaya go on an all-expenses-paid luxury cruise as part of her modeling/influencer job a few days later, and the couple meets the rest of the super-rich guests. As the glaring class divide and the privileges that come with it become more apparent, the luxury yacht in “Triangle of Sadness” sails through issues of social hierarchy and empty ideology.

On the plot line, dangers abound as rough weather and a pirate attack occur in quick succession, resulting in the yacht crashing in the middle of the sea. Carl and Yaya are among the lucky few who survive the accident and wash up on a nearby island, and the general world’s social class structure finally collapses completely.

What Occurs to Carl and Yaya?

Yaya is deeply offended by her boyfriend’s extramarital affair in front of her, but she can’t refuse Carl’s offer of extra food. She decides to hike up the nearby hill to see what’s there and find help. The situation may have frustrated her. She tells Abigail and Carl, and Abigail climbs the hill with her.

Yaya criticizes the self-proclaimed captain for Carl, but she praises Abigail for her quick and effective matriarchy management. Yaya may be lying to maintain her relationship with Abigail. Yaya finally sees something and is thrilled as the two women descend the hill from the other side.

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The Triangle of Sadness Ending is Explained

When Abigail arrives, the two women see a modern elevator on the rock, indicating that the island is inhabited and has a five-star resort on one side. Yaya is thrilled to return to the survivors’ camp to tell them they’ll be saved. Abigail realizes that this would mean losing her identity as captain and her social privileges.

She leaves, grabs a big rock, and comes up behind Yaya. The newly formed social structure vanished when Yaya suggested hiring Abigail as her assistant after they returned to their lives. Abigail probably kills Yaya with the rock before rejoining the survivors.

“Triangle of Sadness” ends with Carl running through the island’s forest, possibly searching for the two women who haven’t returned. Abigail may enter the resort pretending to be the sole survivor and try to escape. Abigail finds Carl at camp and tells him Yaya died accidentally. Carl runs through the forest to find his girlfriend’s body.

Although a scene suggests they would know there are other survivors on the island, their fate is not explicitly mentioned. As a local vendor walks the empty beach with his goods, Therese calls out to him and explains the situation. She can only say “in den Wolken,” so it may be a while before the locals and survivors can communicate.

Triangle of Sadness Ending Explained

Carl, a model, and Yaya, an influencer, begin the film dating. They argue about gender roles and Carl’s unfair expectations of Yaya. They promote an all-expense-paid luxury cruise on social media. This luxurious cruise trip mixes class idealism with the lives of privileged and wealthy people on board.

They don’t need money but need it. We see their lavish meals and treatment until the trip turns dangerous.

The ship sinks in rough weather, causing panic on board. People vomit, defecate, panic, and some desperately try to save their lives. Östlund comically depicts human desperation to protect themselves and their vulnerability in times of distress.

Thomas and Dimitry debate socialism and capitalism over the intercom. Problems continue. Pirates seize the yacht.

Some escape the yacht and seek refuge on an island. Carl, Yaya, Dimitry, Therese, Paula, Jarmo, ship mechanic Nelson, and cleaner Abigail escaped. As the only survivalist, Abigail asserts her authority over the group. She insists on being called captain and enjoys special privileges.

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Carl follows her for power as captain. Yaya becomes jealous. Carl contemplates leaving her for Abigail. Yaya hiked up the hill the next day to see if they could get help. Carl worries when Abigail insists Yaya join her on the hike. As they reach the hilltop, Yaya praises her for quickly taking control of the group.

The women are surprised to see a modern elevator on a rock on the other side of the hill. Both are confused and overwhelmed. They discover that the island is actually a luxury resort. The women rejoice at being rescued. Abigail, a former cleaner, realizes that if they are rescued and sent back to their real lives, she will lose all her power as a captain and have to start over at the bottom.

Yaya’s promise to hire Abigail as her assistant when they return lowers the hierarchy. Abigail picks up a rock to kill Yaya in the movie’s thrilling cliffhanger. Carl dashes through the jungle to end the film. Yaya’s death and Abigail’s return to power and deception are possible endings. Carl running through the can be seen as searching for the women or knowing the truth. No one on the island describes their futures.