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The “Ukrainian Day” Will Be Held at the Venice Film Festival to Show Support Its Artists

We are all aware that the past several years have been among the most difficult for Ukraine. The people and the government are still working hard to get back on their feet and attempting to figure out what will happen to them in the future.

Despite the fact that things are gradually returning to way they were before, and communities from all over the world are standing by them in this crisis, the 79th edition of The Venice Film Festival is displaying its sympathy with the people of Ukraine in their future film festival events.

It is planned that this event will play host to a number of projects that will benefit Ukraine, its artists, and the film industry of the country. At the 79th Venice International Film Festival, this portion is going to be billed as “Ukrainian Day.” Everything that you need to know is included below.

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The “Ukrainian Day” will be held at the Venice Film Festival to show support for the country and its artists

The significant portion from the film festival will be revealed on the 24th of August, which was chosen because it is Ukrainian Independence Day, which is commemorated on that day. The Ukrainian Day event at the Venice Film Festival will be taking place on September 8th, according to the announcement made by the festival.

The event will include discussions with filmmakers, actors, and other industry professionals in addition to screenings of Ukrainian films spanning a wide range of genres. Everyone who is interested has been asked to join the event and participate in conversations with filmmakers from Ukraine about their experiences working in the nation.

The event’s organizers stated that their goals were to “create a double-sided image of Ukraine through exposing its rich cultural diversity” and “encourage discussion between the filmmakers of Ukraine and Italy.”

On September 8th, the Ukrainian Film Festival will take place at Venice

The 31st of August to the 10th of September 2022 has been set aside for the start of the Venice Film Festival. The event that was hosted as Ukrainian Day in support of filmmakers and artists working in Ukraine who are struggling with the present scenarios amid war and unrest in the nation is one of the primary highlights of the film festival. The event was hosted as Ukrainian Day.

In the context of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, which is still ongoing to this day, Ukrainian Day will feature a number of events that call attention to the precarious situation that Ukrainian artists and filmmakers find themselves in.

At the Hotel Excelsior, in the Spazio Incontri that is part of the Venice Production Bridge, the event will take place between the hours of ten in the morning and one in the afternoon. The event that is scheduled for the 8th of September will begin with an introduction given by Roberto Cicutto, the president of the Biennale, and Alberto Barbera, the artistic director of the event.

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At this year’s Venice Film Festival, panelists and filmmakers have been invited to participate in the Ukrainian Day

Yaroslav Melnyk, who is the ambassador of Ukraine to Italy, Marina Kuderchuk, who is the head of the National Cinema Institute of Ukraine, and Daria Tregubova, who is an actor, filmmaker, and cultural attaché for Ukraine, are going to be the speakers at this event.

Andriy Nogin, president of the civic organization, Evgeny Afineevsky, head of the National Cinema Institution of Ukraine; Polina Tolmacheva, representative of Ukraine’s Council for State Support of Cinematography and producer; and Andriy Nogin, head of the National Cinema Institution of Ukraine.

Directors such as Antonio Lukich, who directed Luxembourg Luxembourg, and Evgeny Afineevsky, who directed Freedom On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom, are among the filmmakers who are participating.

The obstacles that Ukrainian filmmakers and artists confront in establishing their voices in the midst of challenging times in the country will be at the center of the conversations that will take place.

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