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Tiktok Star Noodle The Pug, Bones Or No Bones Day, Passed Away

On Saturday, Graziano’s beloved dog “Noodle,” who was 14 years old and had been a family member for 14 years, passed unexpectedly.

In the late hours of December 3, the renowned pug Noodle died. As a result of bones or no bones day, he was one of the most renowned figures on Tiktok.

Graziano began posting daily videos of the dog’s morning routine on TikTok

Jonathan Graziano, the owner of the pug Noodle, stated on Saturday, December 3, that Noodle passed away at the age of 14 on Saturday. Graziano uploaded a video of the dog’s morning ritual on TikTok, which made the dog famous worldwide.

As soon as he awoke in the morning, he raised Noodle carefully to see whether she would rise and leave her bed. Additionally, he ensured that she would remain in bed. On “Bones Days,” Noodle was expected to be productive, but on “No Bones Days,” he was expected to rest and take care of himself.

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The announcement was made in a video that Graziano uploaded

Graziano revealed the news online with an Instagram video that was filled with emotion. The video depicted Graziano’s distress at the occurrence and how upsetting it was for him. According to the description of the photo, he said, “It has been an honor to care for Noodle for the past seven years. The kindest man who ever lived or ever will live.”


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According to his video comments, he stated, “Hello, everyone. I’m very sorry. I regret to inform you that Noodle died away yesterday. He was at his residence. I held him in my arms. And this is quite tragic. It is quite challenging. It’s a day I always knew would come but the hope would never come, and although this is terribly sad, I wanted to let you know and encourage you to celebrate him as we navigate our sorrow.

14 and a half years is approximately as long as a dog may be expected to survive. And he brought joy to millions of people. What a race! I appreciate you loving him. Thank you for your hospitality. And tonight, give your dog a cheese ball, but it must be phoney.”

Due to the video’s viral nature, some even allow the pug to make daily decisions

Several individuals have even chosen the course of their day based on Noodle’s predictions, which have immediately captivated the internet. In addition, Graziano, the author of “Noodle and the No Bones Day,” published a children’s book earlier this year to assist youngsters to understand the significance of taking time for self-care.


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Without a doubt, Noodle continues to captivate the hearts of his international followers, and his endearing nature will persist.

The death of Noodle was reported immediately after it was first reported. This is due to the fact that other renowned dogs and their owners began to offer condolences and pay respect to Graziano and Noodle.

Those who followed the routine uploaded by Graziano on TikTok were in for a rude awakening. Is there anyone that fits that description? Please share in the comments below.

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