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The trailer reveals the release date of “Too Hot To Handle Season 4.”

In less than a month, the fourth season of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix will debut.

This week, a new teaser for the reality TV dating smash was unveiled, offering viewers their first look at the drama to come, including how it was originally advertised as Wild Love to deceive applicants.

New episodes become available for streaming on Wednesday, December 7.

In the film, a suited and booted Mario Lopez (that’s AC Slater from Saved by the Bell) introduces to the camera a fictitious dating program that “harnesses the force of adrenaline to make you fall in love harder and more intensely than ever before.”

Further, he teases, “Ten super-hot singles are ready to test the limits of their love lives!”

As each contestant attempts to win the mega-cash prize, they will be subject to rigorous no-touching regulations imposed by AI boss Lana.

In related news, season 3 star Holly Scarfone revealed exclusively to Digital Spy earlier this year that she and co-star Jaz Holloway almost quit the show.

“I feel like I’ve had a truly remarkable trip with many highs and also many lows. And there were times when I felt so fulfilled in my heart, and other times when I felt absolutely shattered to the core “She stated,

“Additionally, this is the beauty of the show, right? Similarly, it is all about vulnerability.”

The first three seasons of Too Hot To Handle are currently available on Netflix, with the fourth season following on December 7.

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