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Unsolved Mysteries: Body in Bags Recap

The episode begins with a call to 911. A lady rings in to report that her lawn-mowing crew discovered a hefty sleeping bag on Interstate 75. They believed it may have been a puppy or a child, but it turned out to be a mutilated lower body section. The remainder of the body was absent.

Elton D. Carter is seated in the auditorium where his son David’s memorial ceremony was placed. In his honor, the room was crowded and video montages are played.

David, who was 39 years old at the time of his death, is remembered as a humorous, yet serious, man who was filled with life and love. His family and friends praised his work ethic and perseverance, as well as his devotion to his son DJ. His ex-partner regarded him as a kind father who was adept at co-parenting when they broke up.

Tasia, David’s sister, recalls meeting Tammy, David’s new girlfriend, who was also pals with David’s buddy Angela. David and Tammy’s relationship came as a surprise to Angela, considering they had all attended the same school. DJ believed there was a chance the couple might wed. Tasia recalls the two of them being happy, but she thought Tammy and Elton were possessive.

On September 20, 2018, David’s ex-girlfriend Samia described getting DJ ready to meet David when she received a text from David postponing the visit due to illness. Since DJ needed a few things, he went despite David’s claim that he was ill. Tammy had been spotted, but she fled into her home. He had entered the room to see Tammy acting suspiciously. He traveled to visit David, but she asserted that David went for a stroll. DJ found this peculiar, but he still headed to visit his grandmother.

Roger, David’s buddy, recalls the last time he saw David and how he missed many days of work. Tasia was contacted and dispatched to check on him. She stepped inside after no one answered the door, only to discover that the door was unlocked. Who is David Dahmer? Does he live Now? She alerted the rest of the family, and they all went to investigate, where they discovered everything in disarray, along with a large bloodstain and signs that the bed had been moved. Additionally, blood was discovered on the bed, along with a hole in the wall and the bed itself. Elton was aware that this was a gunshot hole, so they all file a missing person report and make it obvious that they believe foul play was involved.

Tasia goes to interview Tammy, who denies seeing David since Sunday, while a big search is initiated. Everyone, even Tasia, was outraged by her behavior. She simply acted as if nothing was wrong.

The following day, the sleeping bag in issue was discovered and an autopsy was performed. On David’s leg, they discovered an odd pit bull tattoo that they were finally able to link to him.

His family recalls receiving the news that David’s dismembered body had been discovered and identifying it as his. Everyone was startled and heartbroken to learn that a loved one had been murdered in such a brutal manner.

Tammy quickly gained the attention of the family. Not only was she acting suspiciously, but she also slashed his tires days before the murder when she discovered that he had gone to the movies with his cousin. Three days before the discovery of the remains, it appeared that David and Tammy had broken up. The Watcher Netflix: Who is The Watcher? Has the Real Watcher Been Recognised? Samia was so intimidated by Tammy’s look that she believed she had seen the devil. Tasia believed Tammy was only a jealous individual incapable of murder.

Four days following the discovery of the corpses, DJ played a football game. He was driven to play regardless of the circumstances in his life. That evening, he performed in David’s honor and felt his presence the entire time. His squad triumphed 64-0 that evening.

Tammy was detained and labeled a person of interest the same evening. However, the family’s happiness was short-lived because authorities lacked sufficient evidence to file criminal charges against her.

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Once the corpse was reconstructed, it was discovered that he had a gunshot wound to the head, which was discovered over the course of the following days. Antihistamine was also present in his system, which might have rendered him too sleepy to realize he was being attacked. Tasia believes Tammy may have shot him while he was sleeping. Samia believes that Tammy also sent the SMS announcing the arrival of the night DJ. Investigators believe that the corpse was dismembered to facilitate its disposal. It appeared to have been separated with a kitchen knife, slowly and meticulously.

The family realized in January 2019 that Tammy had been on the run since October 2018. The US Marshals quickly arrived on the scene, aiming to apprehend her and bring her to court.

Authorities were able to track her to Ann Arbor, Chicago, and New York until the 18th of October when the trail went cold. Since authorities were not searching for her at the time, she used her own name and money up to that point.

She has a huge tattoo of a rose bouquet on her left arm. She weighs 190 pounds, is 5’5″ tall, and is 42 years old. She has been observed wearing wigs, colored extensions, and braids. She may be working as a travel agent or in a hospital, potentially taking blood samples. It is also implied that she is receiving financial assistance and refuge from someone. Additionally, she has always had a partner in her life, therefore she may be in a relationship.

DJ wonders what might have transpired had he entered his father’s room that evening. The search for Tammy (aka Tamera Williams) will continue until she is apprehended. The family still seeks justice and blames Tammy for Tasia and David’s mother’s death, since the sadness forced her to cease receiving cancer treatments, which ultimately proved fatal. David is moving to East Michigan, where he will continue to play football and maintain his clothing firm.

$10,000 is offered for information leading to the apprehension of Tamera Renee Williams.

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