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What did Fredo do to Michael in Part II of The Godfather?

You must wonder what Fredo did to Michael if you haven’t seen The Godfather: Part II. This should have been brought to your attention. Isn’t it? To be more specific, Fredo and Michael are the sons of Don Vito Corleone, the head of the Mafia.

The Godfather is a 1972 release of the crime film. The film is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and centers on a mafia family. As a leader, Vito Corleone plans to transfer his business to one of his sons, Michael. However, circumstances deteriorated, and his loved ones were adversely affected. Unbeknownst to you, The Godfather’s narrative and parts of its events are based on a true tale.

Regarding Fredo and Michael in The Godfather, the actors John Cazale and Al Pacino portrayed the parts, respectively. Fredo used to perform mundane and irrelevant family business jobs. Michael, on the other hand, was regarded as the strongest member of the Corleone family. After his father, Vito, retired, he was able to manage the family company due to his intelligence and charm.

There was nothing favorable to say about the former’s actions. What does this entail? As a result of Fredo’s betrayal of Michael, their relationship deteriorated significantly. But what occurred? Here’s everything we know about why and how Fredo betrayed Michael and what transpired as a result.

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What did Fredo do to Michael in Part II of The Godfather? The Brother Has Been Betrayal

As the treachery has already been acknowledged, many of you must be wondering what Fredo did to his brother Michael. The former, however, collaborated with Hyman Roth. In case you forgot, it was the Corleone family’s rival mobster. Johnny Ola, one of Fredo’s representatives, approached him about working with them. It often seemed as though he gave them additional information when it was not necessary.

What did Fredo do to Michael in Part II of The Godfather? The Brother Has Been Betrayal

At the beginning of the film, Michael is the target of an attempted murder. Some speculated that Fredo was the one providing information to Johnny Ola. In such a case, what did he say? It was very clear that Michael was a hindrance to him, particularly when it came to their family company. Therefore, many suspected him anyway.

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But what precisely did Fredo do? He opened Michael’s bedroom curtains as if he were incapable of comprehending the truth. Michael’s bedroom was mapped out by Fredo. He believed they would intimidate Michael into accepting Hyman Roth’s proposal. Moreover, he failed to anticipate that it would be a success.

Fredo remained unchanged after his attempted murder. He continued to collaborate with the opposing group led by Hyman Roth. At the moment, he intended to imprison Michael. In addition, he was aware that Senate attorney Questadt had been engaged to represent his brother. However, he did not notify Michael about the same. Why did Fredo turn on Michael and betray him? The ultimate objective was to gain control of the mafia enterprise and succeed their father as Don.

Well, Fredo and Michael have always had an internal rivalry. Wherefore? Specifically to inherit the family company. From Fredo’s perspective, many of the fans could identify with his feelings of envy.

What do you think of Fredo’s performance? He did not appear to desire to harm Michael or his family as a whole. Since he was perceived as the weakest, although being the oldest, Fredo decided to gain an edge behind his back.

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