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What Happened To FurZapper Following Shark Tank?

Shark Tank” on ABC is a competition that honors human originality and inventiveness when it comes to producing useful items. The series has helped small company owners and product developers, even if it is only through the intensive attention they obtain by participating in the show and securing a contract (per Forbes).

In accordance with the format of the program, creators and entrepreneurs may or may not be established before standing before the “Sharks.” In any case, the participants are taking a risky step for their brand.

FurZapper Pet Hair Remover QVC Debut 08.30.18 - YouTube

Due to the large number of ‘Shark Tank participants, it might be easy to lose track of the success stories over time. Harry Levin and Michael Sweigart, the authors of FurZapper, are among the most recent instances in this category.

In Season 12, Episode 20 of the program, which aired in April 2021, the couple appeared and accepted a contract from Lori Greiner for $600,000 and a 15% ownership in their firm.

Greiner’s offer demonstrated that she believed in the company’s marketability, but what happened to FurZapper following their historic “Shark Tank” appearance?

Furzapper’s Revenue increased after appearing in Shark Tank

When it comes to removing pet hair from clothing in the home, the procedure might be a losing struggle. The core concept of the FurZapper, created by Michael Sweigart and Harry Levin of Ocean County, New Jersey, addresses this particular topic.

Using a gelatinous, sticky, silicone disc that is placed in both the washer and dryer to send as much hair as possible down the drain or into the lint trap, the simple yet innovative product helps pet owners keep the dog and/or cat hair off of their clothes, as explained by the product’s creators on “Shark Tank” (per CNBC Prime).

Fur Zapper – Dog Days Barkery

Following Lori Greiner’s hefty $600,000 offer to Sweigart and Levin, the duo’s popularity surged due to their contract and their participation on the show.

Shortly after the episode aired, the official Instagram account for FurZapper stated that the company’s ordering system had been overloaded by a rush in sales.

The pet hair removal gadgets quickly gained popularity among online merchants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond, and were featured on The Rachael Ray Show.

It was also stated shortly after the product’s appearance on “Shark Tank” that FurZapper’s total income (through App) had surpassed $4 million, which was credited to the product’s popularity on the ABC series. Levin and Sweigart are another success story from “Shark Tank.”