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Who Did Kathy Hilton Reportedly Use a Gay Slur Against?

Kathy Hilton did not wish for that gleam to be eliminated. On October 25, TMZ was the first to reveal that during the concluding episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired the next evening, Erika Jayne accuses Hilton of using a homophobic slur during the women’s drama-filled trip to Aspen.

The following morning, on October 26, Jayne appeared to answer the allegation on her Instagram Story by saying, “I was there. It occurred. It is beyond my control what the ‘audience’ decides to believe. I will never recant the truth about what transpired that night at the Aspen club.” And on Wednesday night’s tense episode, there was a battle between Kathy Hilton and Erika Jayne.

Almost immediately as Hilton joined the other women on the couch, anchor Andy Cohen inquired about the supposed “meltdown” in Aspen. She detailed interactions with the club’s DJ and manager, the latter of whom allegedly urged her to “get back to L.A.” after denying her request to play Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” Following the explanation, Jayne interjected as Cohen questioned the other women about that night.

Before making the main claim, Jayne began, “I see Kathy coming from the dance floor, quite unhappy.” “I said, ‘Kathy what’s wrong?’ She says, “The DJ is an old f–king f*****,” and then leaves. Kyle Richards, Hilton’s sister, appeared astonished as Hilton disputed it, stating, “I will admit to what I do, but I will not be depicted as the monster you’ve attempted to portray me as.” Hilton went on, Nobody else heard that, and everybody who knows me is aware that I do not speak in such a manner.

Jayne said, “Anyone who knows me knows I’m not lying; I have no reason to lie.” Hilton concluded: “Oh actually? I believe that I have more credibility than you.”


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In March, when it was rumored that Sutton Stracke’s assistant Josh Roberts was on the receiving end of the alleged homophobic comment, the claim was merely a rumor. Stracke stated on Instagram and the RHOBH After Show that Roberts was not even in Aspen at the time.

She even uploaded a photo with Roberts, Hilton, and herself on March 30 with the caption “@kathyhilton has been nothing but courteous and lovely to him.” In September, Kyle Richards rejected the accusation on the same edition of After Show, calling it “false.” During the reunion, Richards reiterated that she had “never heard that phrase spoken.” After the complaint was made during the reunion, Cohen disclosed that Bravo HR reviewed the issue and determined it to be a “she said, she said” situation. ” Consequently, Jayne should not make this her top priority.

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