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Trump hires a top national security prosecutor Investigation of Mar-a-Lago

David Raskin spent many years as a federal prosecutor in New York City and recently joined the Trump Mar-a-Lago probe — is it a coincidence that he shares the same name as Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin?

David Raskin is reported as “one of the most accomplished terrorism prosecutors of his generation” according to the Washington Post.

As chair of the subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties, Jamie Raskin is a Maryland politician.

The revelation that the respected national security prosecutor has joined the team has made quite a stir on Twitter, with a number of users considering it noteworthy. What do we understand about him?

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How connected are David Raskin and Jamie Raskin?

No. At the very least, no evidence in the public domain suggests that they are closely related. And none seems to have officially acknowledged their relationship with the other.

Jamie Ben “Jamie” Raskin is an American attorney and politician who represents the 8th congressional district of Maryland. He began doing so in 2017. The New Yorker has high admiration for him.

He belongs to the Democratic Party. His wife is the public figure, Sarah Bloom Raskin. From 2007 until 2010, she served as Maryland’s commissioner of financial regulation.

Who is Shahzad Dana? Is Shahzad Dana Dead Or Alive?

Hannah and Tabitha are their two adult daughters, and they also have a son, Thomas. Thomas, often known as Tommy, passed away at age 25 less than two years ago.

David Raskin, a prosecutor from Kansas and New York, has joined the Trump Mar-a-Lago case.

The Washington Post reports that David Raskin was a prominent federal prosecutor in New York City for many years.

According to the news source, he is one of the “most experienced national security prosecutors” in the justice department.

The Global Investigations Review revealed in March 2016 that David Raskin, who had been counseling former Alstom CEO Lawrence Hoskins, was leaving New York to serve as a federal prosecutor in Kansas City, Montana — a photo of him can be found on the GIR website or via the CBS News link below.

CBS reported three years earlier that Raskin had overseen terrorism prosecutions in the southern district of New York for years. He was a partner at the legal firm Clifford Chance in 2013.

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What has Raskin been up to in recent times?

The Washington Post notes that Raskin obtained a guilty plea in a case with parallels to the Trump case “only two weeks ago.”

Based on the Post’s initial reporting of Raskin’s participation in the Trump case, Esquire describes what Raskin does as follows: “Raskin takes people to trial, and Raskin puts them in jail. That is his behavior. That is his specialty. He has heads adorning his walls.”

Trump and his attorneys have repeatedly asserted the former president’s innocence in relation to the inquiry. In the meanwhile, Politico reports that Raskin originally worked on cases associated with the inquiry into the events of January 6, 2021.

“His involvement in the Mar-a-Lago investigation emphasizes its relevance,” the outlet says.

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Where did his name originate?

The surname Raskin is not rare, therefore an increase in Google queries on whether or not Jamie and David are related is understandable in light of the aforementioned Post article.

According to Forebears, approximately 8,000 individuals carry the surname. Intriguingly, the country with the highest concentration of Raskins is Belgium, even though over half of them reside in the United States. Israel has 800, Russia 700.

Depending on where an individual’s genealogical line can be traced, the name appears to have two unique origins. According to Family Tree DNA, some Raskins are of Russian and/or Polish origin. The name is derived from the Yiddish diminutive form of the name Rachel, “Raske.”

The website adds, however, that Raskin is also a diminutive variant of the Dutch and Belgian name Erasmus. Which presumably explains the name’s prevalence in western European countries.

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