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Who is Gypsy Taub? Also Check 5 Fast Facts About Her

In Berkeley, California, Gypsy Taub is a nudity activist and director of homeless adolescents.

She is well-known throughout San Francisco for her participation in the “body liberation” protest movement. Her official name is Oxane Taub.

According to The Daily Beast, Taub resides with David Depape, the suspect in the attack on Paul Pelosi’s husband. There is no indication, however, that she participated in the attack.

Here’s everything you need to know:

1- Taub, who was accused of stalking a teenage kid, was once married in a nudist ceremony at San Francisco City Hall.

Joe Eskenazi of Mission Local tweeted, “My sources also say that David DePape, born in Berkeley in 1980, is responsible for this morning’s attack on Paul Pelosi with a hammer. It appears that he was formerly a Castro nudist demonstrator. Things are likely to be out of the ordinary for a period.”

The Castro mentioned in his post refers to a San Francisco neighborhood, not the Cuban leader.

In a 2013 article published by the San Francisco Chronicle, Depape’s name is misspelled. It labels him as a “hemp jewelry producer.” This article stated that Depape served as the best man at the nudist wedding of Gypsy Taub. Jayz Smith was engaged to Taub.

According to the post, Taub planned to wear only a veil to her wedding on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco. This article described Taub as “the uncontested leader of nudist advocacy in the city.”

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“Wedding preparation is frantic, but exhilarating because I’m a rebel at heart and want to shake things up,” Taub told the outlet.

According to Berkeley Side, Taub was charged in 2019 with attempted child abduction, stalking, and child abuse. According to authorities, she became enamored with a 14-year-old boy who was formerly the friend of Taub’s son.

“Taub remained in contact with the child and sent him numerous letters and emails, prompting the boy’s mother to seek a restraining order against Taub in June,” the website reported. “Despite the filing of repeated misdemeanor charges in July, September, and November, Taub continued to contact him, according to the police.”

Additionally, the article stated that authorities highlighted “two blog comments that appear to be from” Taub in which she “claimed her love and desire” to be with the teen boy.

2- Taub Is a Father to Three Children

David Depape and Gypsy Taub have three children together, according to a 2008 Oakland Tribune article retrieved on However, the nature of their biological relationship is unknown, as Depape is referred to elsewhere as a father figure.

The Tribune article revealed additional details about Taub and Depapa’s family life.

According to the report, instead of making Thanksgiving dinner at their Berkeley home, Taub and Depape “decided to join 350 individuals for a community feast at the Two Star Market.”

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Taub told the publication, “We prefer to meet our neighbors.”

Taub considers herself an advocate for the homeless.

3- Taub is a fan of Jerry Garcia.

Taub claimed on Facebook, “I founded Jerry Garcia Family Clinic (also known as Life on the Street Support Services).”

She states that she “studied psychedelics at Dead Tour” and “worked at EntheoRadio: Psychedelics, Shamanism, and Conversations on Healing.”

Taub Is Native to Moscow, Russia

4- Taub is a Russian native.

Taub “went Moscow School 45” and is from Moscow, Russia, according to her Facebook page. She is a Berkeley, California resident.

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CNN identifies Depape’s birthplace as British Columbia. At a press conference conducted on October 28, 2022, San Francisco police revealed that they observed Depape struggling with the House Speaker’s husband over a hammer inside the Pelosi residence. According to the authorities, he subsequently used it to severely injure Paul Pelosi. The prognosis for Paul Pelosi’s survival is optimistic; Depape has been arrested, but the motivation is unknown.

5- Taub has written about his “Body Freedom Activist” actions.

In a 2013 blog post, Taub referred to herself as a “body liberation warrior.” This is the message:

On July 20, Castro sponsored a demonstration against the nudity ban and a parade of body freedom advocates. In contrast to previous protests, during which we were wrongfully arrested, the police department did not arrest us this time. I believe that the power brokers now realize that anything they do that violates our constitutional rights will be used against them in our federal lawsuit against the City of San Francisco.