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Who is Nik Turner? Turner worked in the music industry for over four decades

The 82-year-old musician Nik Turner, best known for his tenure with space rock band Hawkwind, has passed away. The musician formerly played the saxophone and flute, in addition to being a vocalist and songwriter.

Turner was renowned for his avant-garde free jazz performances and aggressive stage persona. During his performances, the flutist would don clothes inspired by Ancient Egypt. Learn more about Turner’s life and work by reading on.

Nik Turner Death

On his official Facebook page, the news of Nik Turner’s death was shared. “We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Nik Turner – The Mighty Thunder Rider, who passed away peacefully at home on Thursday evening,” read a statement.

Who is Nik Turner? Turner worked in the music industry for over four decades

“He has entered the next part of his Cosmic Journey, guided by the affection of his family, friends, and followers. Observe this place for his arrangements,” it continued. Motorhead also tweeted the news, stating, “We lost Lemmy’s former bandmate Nik Turner today. Play some loud Hawkwind music! The brainstorming session has begun!”

The musician is showered with tributes

As soon as the news of Turner’s passing spread, his friends and followers offered their respects. “RIP Nik Turner. A fan stated, “Saw him perform live numerous times; he was sometimes great, sometimes shambolic, but never dull and always a gentleman.”

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“R.I.P Nik Turner – Nik and I participated in an unforgettable recording session. After our Thai supper, we discussed the globe, music, and all things spirit-related (inc. spirit of Hawkwind). His energy has touched numerous individuals over the years. “May his spirit live on,” wrote another.

DJ Justin Robertson tweeted, “The pulsating heart of spaceship Hawkwind for many years a wizard, he continued to play with the same fervor until the very last moment before he departed for another dimension. Rest well, and wherever you are, enjoy your new trip. Thank you for the music. Nik Turner RIP.”

“Rest in peace astrally, Nik Turner. Another fan wrote, “I had the pleasure of speaking with him a few years ago, and he was one of the most lovely interviewees I’ve ever had. He was spacey in that ancient acidhead way, and clearly delighted to still be doing his wild cosmic thing.

Turner worked in the music industry for over four decades

Turner was born in Oxford in 1940 and moved to Margate during his adolescence. Then, he joined the Merchant Navy and eventually went throughout Europe while holding several occupations. In Berlin, he developed an appreciation for jazz music and began saxophone lessons. He joined the newly formed band Hawkwind in 1969.

Who is Nik Turner? Turner worked in the music industry for over four decades

Turner became an indispensable member of the band and co-wrote several popular songs, including Brainstorm and Master Of The Universe. However, he was expelled from the band in 1976 for playing over the other members. He rejoined the band between 1982 and 1984.

In 2000, the musician also went to other endeavors, forming the band Space Ritual. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Psychic TV, Stranglers, and Sham 69.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Nik Turner. His soul may rest in peace.

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