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Who is Robot Girl on The Masked Singer Season 8?

The eighth season of The Masked Singer is revving up and shifting into a higher gear! This is because they have a wild new concept with several surprises, 22 candidates, and a great deal of upcoming talent. Plus, with a fresh batch of costumes, there are plenty of bizarre masks to observe!

Now, we’ve had Robots in the past, but never a Robo Girl! Given Lil Wayne’s performance as the Robot, let’s hope Robo Girl does better than he did. Will a talented vocalist be hiding behind the mask? Or will she be eliminated due to the double elimination? We will examine what we know about Robo Girl.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Clues

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Robo Girl, sporting the cutest metal pigtails, will take the stage with almost no hints as to her identity! The Masked Singer has provided an Instagram hint about the singer. The mask ray identifies a wrench in Robo Girl’s outfit, officially beginning the guessing game.

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We also discovered a surfboard, honey jars, and evidence that she had collaborated with Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams, and David Blaine. She stated that “with 86 cents to her name, [she] secured a job” that would permanently alter her life. She also discussed her “supernatural” confidence. Robo Girl disclosed that she uses an alias.

Robo Girl is Popular in The Masked Singer season 8

Robin believed that Jenna Dewan may be hiding behind the mask. Nicole guessed that Becky G or Keke Palmer will perform. And Ken Jeong then dated Cara Delevigne and Selena Gomez after Lucy Hale. Fans have already begun their Internet investigation to determine who Robo Girl is, despite having little information to work with. The most common internet predictions are Sofia Carson, Camila Mendes, and Madonna.

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