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Who is Tao Zrafi? A world traveller is a Drink Masters season 1 finalist.

Drink Masters season 1 has debuted on Netflix and showcases some of the world’s top mixologists competing in various tasks. Only three of the twelve finalists made it to the grand finale. One of them is named Tao Zrafi.

Drink Masters Synopsis 

Twelve of the world’s most inventive mixologists compete in a series of high-stakes cocktail challenges for a chance to win a life-changing reward and the title of The Ultimate Drink Master.

Tao is an expert mixologist from Montreal, Canada, with a background in the area. The judges were thrilled by the personal touch he added to the cocktails he delivered. Tao said in the finals that drinks and travel were his two passions in life.


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Tao Zrafi from Drink Masters is originally from Tunisia

Tao wanted to be an interior designer when he was young and immigrated to Canada from Tunisia when he was 20 years old. Tao began working as a bartender in order to provide for his family.

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According to information cited by The Cinemaholic, Tao had never consumed alcohol before the age of 23. Soon after, he discovered his passion for mixology and decided that was what he wanted to pursue professionally. He then chose to pursue his actual interest and alter his career path.


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Tao revealed on Drink Masters that he demanded excellence from his creations. Although Tao did not finish last in any episode, he did not always manage to impress the judges. However, his constant quality of drinks earned him a spot in the final round alongside two other mixologists.

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The competitors were required to construct a three-course personal cocktail menu that would blow the minds of the judges. Tao added unique twists to his cocktails and took chances while preparing them. The name of one of the cocktails he gave to the judges was Night in Tunisia. Sadly, it was not enough to win him the championship. He placed third in the Netflix competition series.


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Tao has worked as a bartender in different Canadian locations. According to The Cinemaholic, the Drink Masters candidate has competed in other bartending events in order to enhance his talents.

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Tao became a bartending consultant when COVID-19 struck, and after lockdowns and limitations were lifted, he set up pop-up stalls. His Instagram account describes him as a fashion icon and international traveler. Fans may view the places and cities he’s visited in his highlights. India, Tunisia, New York, Columbia, Australia, Bali, and Istanbul are included in the list.

He has over 2,200 Instagram followers and frequently writes about his latest mixes and travel diaries.

Drink Masters season 1 is only available to stream on Netflix, and all episodes may be viewed on the streaming giant. In contrast to other reality shows that adhere to standard clichés and patterns, it is refreshing to watch. Additionally, viewers are provided with drink recipes.

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