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Youtuber, Derek Exposed Liver King, Steroids Worth $12000

Influencer Liver King, whose muscular physique went viral, has now acknowledged to using steroids to develop his physique. Previously, King had said that he had gained weight by consuming raw animal parts, specifically liver, lungs, and testicles, as part of a primitive living regimen.

The influencer, whose true name is Brian Johnson, was unmasked last week by the YouTuber, Derek. He had released letters suggesting that Johnson had injected himself with $12,000 worth of steroids. Johnson has now made a video apology to his followers for deceiving them.

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After email leaks, the liver king admits to using steroids

As he was not participating in a sport, King, who operated a supplement firm prior to going viral, claims that he believed the usage of steroids was unimportant. On December 2, he uploaded an apologetic video on YouTube in which he stated, “I’m producing this video to apologize because I f***ed up because I’m humiliated and ashamed, because I lied, and because I deceived many people.”


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“This is a really hard matter, at least to me. Before social media, I was wealthy and anonymous, but now I am still wealthy but no longer anonymous. And I never anticipated this kind of public attention.”

It has been difficult to navigate. Clearly, I made a mistake. And now I am here to correct the record. Yes, I have done steroids. Yes, I do take steroids, which are regulated and administered by a skilled hormone physician. “The public character, Liver King, was an attempt to disseminate the message,” the 45-year-old bodybuilder explained.

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The Liver King has revealed that he began using steroids in 2021

Johnson stated that he had trained naturally for decades, but in 2021 he did not feel physically good, so he chose to utilize performance-enhancing medicines. He stated that he did not want to send an incorrect impression by keeping it a secret.

“While spreading the word, I’ve appeared on a number of podcasts, and when asked if I’ve ever used steroids, I’ve always replied, ‘No. I avoid touching the items. I will not touch the items. I Never touched the materials. That was untrue. “I’ve persuaded myself that this has nothing to do with the ancestral message,” he stated.

King said, “I totally acknowledge my error. I am as regretful as a man can be, and all I can do right now is take full responsibility, improve myself, and lead a better life as a better person.”

Derek Youtuber Exposed Liver King

Last week, Derek, whose channel is known as More Plates More Dates, uploaded a video saying that Johnson took $12,000 worth of steroids. In emails written to an anonymous coach in 2021, the influencer acknowledged to spending money on performance-enhancing drugs.

King has stated that he accepts full responsibility for his acts. “I consistently disregarded it and dug myself an ever-deeper hole. I am solely responsible. I did that, and it was incorrect. I believe there is a time and place for pharmaceutical intervention overseen by a skilled hormone specialist,” he remarked. “I will be better, and I will discuss it publicly.”

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