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The 2022 NFL Playoffs Recorded a Record-high 35 Million Viewers

Thanks to the streaming platform for making our year exciting and more entertaining. Things would have been more devastating for the audience if they weren’t there. The online streaming platform has become one of the most popular things among people. After introducing Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apply Tv+, and many more, these online platforms are getting significant value among people.

According to the report by ExpressVPN, with a 715 million USD budget, Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power became the most expensive series ever produced. The first two episodes broke Prime Video records, with more than 25 million people watching on the first day the series was released.

As many of you know, NFL (National Football League) games have started and the fans of the game are already excited to witness one of the biggest games ever. The popularity of football is not hidden from the world but what comes surprising is how 38.2 million people have watched the game across the TV and digital.

The introduction of online streaming platforms plays a huge role in it. The game has never reached such heights on the domestic platform. The NFL said that the number of average viewers has increased dramatically since 2020. It has been reported that 20 percent of the average audience raised after 2020, while 12 percent of the audience raised during 2019.

Beside Web series and movies the popularity of games has also increased. During the lockdown, we came to learn the online streaming platform garnered massive numbers. Streaming platforms saw the hike on their series. Stranger Things remained one of the most popular shows during the time, later followed by Squid games that took the world by surprise.

ExpressVPNs Research: What do we Learn?

Out of all 2022 Streaming trends, Netflix gained a massive fan following and saw a hike in subscribers. According to the research by ExpressVPN, the online platform brings an enormous number of views. Shows like Stranger Things and Squid Game remain the most popular among the people and generate heavy ratings for the OTT platform.

Stranger Things remained on the top show until Bridgerton entered the platform and broke the platform’s record, suppressing on the chart for 28 days, one of the highest marked days till now.

Along with Netflix, many streaming flourished in great numbers for their streaming platform.

Amazon Prime produced one of the massive series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power that held accountable for a 715 million USD budget. The release of the first two episodes broke records and suppressed the viewership of 25 million people.

Netflix also has similar numbers for producing movies, The Gray Man, which has a budget of 200 Million USD.

Along with this, other OTT platforms like Hulu and Apple Tv+ have similar numbers for their series.

However, Netflix remain on the dominant and became of the most loved series from the audience. The OTT platform is getting more huge after they started to be more generic to their platform. The involvement of anime series brings more people to the platform. We already know that anime series are one of the powerful platform for the people to look for, the popularity of Japanese anime series are not hidden from the world and it looks like Netflix is known with the facts.

The OTT platform is already working along with the hit studio and landing more anime to the streaming service. Not only this, Netflix is already working in the production of their own anime series.

Moreover, true documentary series and reality shows are the new way of entertainment, Netflix is already trying their luck and bring more series to the platform. Also, Netflix is producing reality shows for their exclusive subscribers.