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Can Nick Chubb Win the Rushing Title For the Cleveland Browns?

Nick Chubb is the starting running back for the Cleveland Browns. We are five weeks into the NFL regular season, and there are still 12 games remaining in the 2022 NFL regular season. Chubb currently leads the NFL with 593 rushing yards so far this season.


New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley has 533 rushing yards ranking him second in the rankings behind Chubb. It seems like it could be those two players in a race for the NFL rushing title this season. It is almost a tie between these two players for this priced title. That is why picking who will win the rushing title, Chubb or Barkley, is not as easy as picking to play at the best real money online casino.


We’ll explore some of the reasons that will affect Nick Chubb’s chances of winning the rushing title this season.


Chubb Will Win the Rushing Title Because his Number Gets Called Often 


The Cleveland Browns are a run-first offense under head coach Kevin Stefanski. Nick Chubb is one of the most powerful running backs in the entire NFL. The way he hits the hole is something else. He just breaks big run after big run for this offense.


They need it because they don’t have a ton of threats on the offensive side of the football. Jacoby Brissett is the current Browns quarterback; he is a good quarterback but not a great quarterback. They don’t call on Chubb’s number when the game is on the line, but he gives them a chance to win week in and week out.


Chubb is easily going to go over 1,000 yards rushing this season. Chubb is getting the bulk of the carries. Kareem Hunt is the second running back on this roster, but he hasn’t seen a lot of game action this season.


He Won’t Win It Because Of an Injury


Nick Chubb is not injured, but the only thing that can potentially ruin his chance at a rushing title this season is injuries, just like the case with everyone. Remember when Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans was running away with it halfway through the regular season, and then he was injured and missed the rest of the regular season?


Well, it’s true. The same case can happen here for Nick Chubb. Chubb has rarely gotten hurt in his NFL career.


He’ll Win It Because He Has the Most 20-yard Runs in the NFL.


Out of any starting running backs so far this season, Nick Chubb has the most runs of 20 or more yards with seven of them. He has one play of 40 or more rushing yards in a game so far this season.


Saquon Barkley has the second most 20-yard or more runs with five for the New York Giants so far this season, but no one else is close in this category as well. We will see what happens moving forward, but big play Nick Chubb will keep grinding away for the rest of the 2022 NFL regular season.


Chubb has 98 carries with the Cleveland Browns so far this season.


He Won’t Win It Because Saquon Barkley Goes Insane


The only way Nick Chubb doesn’t win it by staying healthy all 17 games this year is if New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley goes insane for them for the rest of the season and carries them to the postseason. Barkley appears to be back in a big way for the New York Giants this season.


Is there a chance he could be in the MVP conversation if the New York Giants get back to the postseason? It remains to be seen, but there is no question that Saquon Barkley would win the Comeback Player Of the Year Award in the NFL. 


Nick Chubb is probably going to rush for like 1300 yards this season. He should win the rushing title, but Saquon Barkley could go over 1350 yards this season, and that would be one of the only things stopping Nick Chubb from winning the rushing title this season. Chubb and Barkley going back and forth will be a treat.