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Where to Watch UFC Fights for Free

Getting your Free Seat Next to the Octagon

Ultimate Fighting Championship really took MMA to new grounds any way you’re looking at it. From its experimental nature back in the 1990s to record-breaking deals more recently, UFC has been catching the eye for decades now.

With the pay-per-view approach, though, UFC has also put strict limits as to how you can watch the fights. This has been pushing many aficionados into exploring ways to watch it for free. We now list some of the most important options, in a bid to overview what’s in store and how to get your hands on it in 2022.

Roja Directa

As you’d expect from a free streaming platform, Roja Directa is an ad-supported service and there’s no escaping it. We’ve tried three different ad-blockers and always got at least a couple of ads opening any given stream. Still, we’ve really enjoyed the overall experience and this gets it a spot on the list. Incredibly popular, the site faced legal action but won two major lawsuits in the past and now lingers in-between.

Roja Directa is renowned for its football and tennis coverage before anything else. However, you can always find UFC fight nights listed and there’s quite an extensive library to choose from more often than not. It’s fetching links from all over the web and provides a well-categorized overview of what’s to follow.

As you’d expect, the quality and the stability of the streams is varying. This means you’ll see quite a few streams of low video quality and this can be a pain. However, link suppliers are properly named and most offer consistency. This means you will surely have favorites and picking among them is a breeze with the Roja Directa search engine.


The Stream2watch service has a profound range of different sports and this has been a magnet for fans across the globe too. It’s slightly easier to overview and navigate but the site also offers fewer links to choose from. Additionally, antivirus apps will recognize streams as infected more often, with reasoning beyond us at the moment.

Still, user reviews have been very positive over the years and Stream2watch feels like a respectable place, despite legal issues. UFC aficionados get easy access to fight nights, where many are covered with high-quality streams with few ads. Furthermore, Stream2watch allows ad-blockers and hardly ever goes around them.

We did not enjoy the fact that stream links, or “channels’ as they are called here, are not properly named. This means you can switch between alternatives but returning users don’t really have an insight into what links they used previously. This means you could see yourself wasting precious time when fights begin in search of the best options.

Torrent It

If you don’t care about a delay of a couple of hours, torrenting UFC fights could be a great idea. We often found ourselves looking for full shows after impressive bouts and this is the way to go, with many different options to go for.

MMA-Torrents is a great community and has well-rounded coverage of the sport regardless of your preference. With UFC in focus, you’ll be able to browse recent and evergreen bouts with seeders galore – providing the ultimate experience with high quality and stress-free watching.

Additionally, it’s affiliated with MMA-Portal for a steady news section and it’s also a platform for aficionados to discuss recent fights. You will need to register for a free account to use MMA-Torrents but this approach certainly adds to our overall rating, although there are bigger communities to take part in.

MMA Full

For tube users with the same affinity, MMA Full offers easy access to the most recent UFC fights. The site has been getting the attention it deserves lately, offering top-quality videos and no interruptions while watching. Most fights are uploaded in full length and within hours of the showdown, which is the main selling point here.

We certainly enjoyed the clean look and with our ad-blockers on, we enjoyed the experience thoroughly. However, there’s no info on the company itself so it’s hard to say for how long it will remain this way. There’s a Discord community you can join to get the latest updates from MMA Full, but there’s little background to the endeavor there too.

UFC YouTube Channel

UFC has always been straightforward as a brand and their approach to YouTube makes their channel worth mentioning here as well. It goes without saying it’s the place to get all of the fight night highlights first as well as octagon interviews, pre-fight press conferences, post-fight reactions, and more.

The YouTube channel offers a genuine view into what’s hot with Vlogs, shorts, and compilations. Every UFC fan will enjoy it with hours of free content available. However, it serves us as more of an addition to the experience and a great one if we may say, capitalizing on everything the platform has to offer.

Final Thoughts: Where Should I Go First?

While all of the platforms and sites listed above provide top-notch service, it’s important to note one does not necessarily exclude another. Roja Directa has been a strong leader in free sports streaming for years and as such, it has our attention when it comes to live fight night action.

However, we found Stream2watch a viable alternative while MMA Full has us running back to relive remarkable bouts of recent. As said, UFC’s YouTube provides everything else for free and we are always there for pre-match interviews and first-hand octagon reactions. Luckily, there’s thus a lot to look out for while still saving on subscriptions and one-time payments.