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Willie Gay Gearing Up For Return to Chiefs

Maybe you could considered that 2022 hasn’t been a good year for making NFL predictions, as there have been a ton of upsets throughout the year. It’s unclear if that trend will continue moving forward or if the best teams in the league will start to win more often.


The Kansas City Chiefs have already faced a brutal stretch at the beginning of the year, and that won’t change as they face the Buffalo Bills in Week 6. Kansas City will again play this game without Willie Gay Jr., but that won’t be the case for long. 


The NFL issued a four-game suspension in September for something Gay did back in January. Gay agreed to the suspension instead of waiting for the process to play out. In that time the Chiefs seemed to be in a bit of confusion but looked like they had been missing a piece on there team at the moment.


The Week 6 matchup against the Bills will be the fourth straight game that Gay has missed, and this suspension couldn’t have come at a worse time. Kansas City had Gay on the field to begin the year, and he was a factor in two weeks.


NFL picks for the Kansas City can hold up okay without Gay in the lineup, but when facing the Bills without a defensive starter, those picks could be challenging. This is just the latest in several discipline issues that the Chiefs have had in recent years. 


Domestic Dispute Arises


For whatever reason, NFL players often get into trouble at home more than in any other place. That was the case in this situation, and the suspension stems from something that happened between Gay and the mother of his child. 


Gay was arrested in Overland Park at 10:30 PM in January 2022 after getting into a dispute with the mother of his child. He was visiting his son, and the argument resulted in Gay breaking a vacuum. 


When police arrested him, he was charged with the destruction of property of less than $1,000. It was made clear that the woman was not touched or harmed in this incident, but it was still a misdemeanor. Gay was booked in the Johnson County Detention Center but was able to post his bail and get out.


This incident happened in the middle of the 2022 postseason for the Chiefs, and Gay didn’t miss anytime on the field. It took a long time for the NFL to conduct its investigation into the matter, and it always felt as if a suspension was coming at some point.


Gay agreed to a diversion agreement back in June that kept them from spending any time in jail because of this argument. He also agreed to random drug and alcohol testing for 12 months, which was taken into account when the NFL ruled. 


NFL Never Rests


Just as bettors never stop making NFL expert picks, the National Football League never stops having its players act the right way. Some professional leagues don’t monitor an athlete’s life 365 days a year, but that is not the case with the NFL. 


The personal conduct policy covers many topics but ensures that NFL players are always acting right. Players can be subject to a fine or a suspension when breaking the personal conduct policy, which is what happened in this instance. 


A six-game suspension is standard, and that was actually the suspension length initially handed down to Deshaun Watson. The case against Watson was much worse than what Gay was being charged with, and that is why the league fought so hard for a longer suspension.


Deshaun Watson will miss the first 11 games of the year for the Browns, and he will return to the field in Week 13. Cleveland could end up being a playoff opponent for the Kansas City Chiefs, and they will be much better if Watson is at the quarterback position.