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MLB Records: Who recorded the most strikeouts in 2022?

For pitchers, strikeouts are an essential statistic. They frequently rely on their defenders to make plays behind them, which can be helpful or detrimental. If they face a weak defense, their performance and overall statistics may decrease.

They are the pitcher’s approach to taking total control of the situation. When the pitcher does not let the batter make contact (barring a wild pitch strikeout), the defense is not required to make a play (barring a wild pitch strikeout).

Consequently, the pitcher with the most strikeouts in a given season likely had a very successful year. This is even more accurate considering that pitchers make more outs with this method.

Gerrit Cole has a $324 million contract and still drives his first car

Since there are already so many strong pitchers in the league, it may be tougher to lead the pack in 2022 than in the past.

The New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole had an atypical season, although he struck out a large number of batters. His ERA was oddly high at over 3.50, but he controlled the strike zone on his way to a season-high 257 strikeouts.

Long held by Ron Guidry, this performance shattered the New York Yankee’s single-season record.

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The rest of the MLB strikeout leaders

Here is how the leaderboard looked after the final MLB regular season game.

Gerrit Cole 257
Corbin Burnes 243
Carlos Rodon 237
Aaron Nola 235
Dylan Cease 227
Shohei Ohtani 219
Robbie Ray 212
Sandy Alcantara 207
Kevin Gausman 205
Charlie Morton 205

Cole’s total is the most in a regular season since he recorded an astounding 326 with the Houston Astros in 2019.

Gerrit Cole’s Contract

The Yankees signed Cole to do essentially what he did in his last season: strike out every batter. Even though he has not been as dominant as they had planned, he remains one of the league’s finest pitchers.

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Signed in 2020, his deal was for nine years and $324,000,000. It made him the all-time highest-earning pitcher. However, since he signed that contract, Max Scherzer has received a $43 million per year contract, surpassing Cole’s annual salary of $36 million.

Gerrit Cole’s Net worth

Gerrit Cole's Net worth

Prior to signing his mega-contract with the Yankees, Cole had earned around $25 million, including an $8 million signing bonus from the Pittsburgh Pirates after being taken first overall in the 2011 MLB Draft.

How much does the New York Yankees pay Gerrit Cole?

In December of 2019, Cole signed a massive nine-year, $324 million contract with the New York Yankees.

This is the richest deal ever awarded to a pitcher in Major League Baseball, and the Yankees will pay Cole almost $36 million annually.

In terms of the overall value of the contract, regardless of position, Cole’s contract in the Big Apple was the fourth-largest ever awarded in Major League Baseball.

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