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When Does the NBA Season 2022-23 Officially Begin?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has made it simple for basketball fans to keep up with their favorite game. After several decades of existence, the NBA has developed a system; the NBA season, which is an intense yearly activity that brings together various basketball teams to compete in the most coordinated manner.

An NBA season typically begins on October 1 and finishes in April. Apart from the appeal of the game itself, this fixed date makes it easier to hold its viewers’ attention and maintain order. This article will teach you all you need to know about the NBA season.

When Does the NBA Season Officially Begin and End?

The beginning and end dates of an NBA season are predetermined and have remained unchanged for a number of seasons now; however, the pandemic caused some adjustments to be made to these dates.

As a result, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that the association is attempting to get the dates back on track.

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When Does NBA Training Camp Start?

A preseason training camp is held for the players before the start of the regular season in any sport. This camp session will last for a total of three weeks, and it will wrap up on the 28th of September on average. The regular season will then get underway on October 19 and go all the way through April 10.

April would be the month that marks the conclusion of a season in the absence of any postponements or cancellations. This conclusion date, on the other hand, does not take into account the playoffs, which are not normally included. A play-in tournament for the seventh and eighth seeds in the Western and Eastern Conferences will officially conclude the season on April 12 and April 15, respectively, in addition to the predetermined end date of April 10, which is the last day of the season.

When Does the NBA Season 2022-23 Officially Begin?

The postseason would therefore begin on April 16 and continue all the way through June 19, with Game 7 of the NBA Finals being played on the earliest date available. The playoffs will begin on April 16. Following that, the NBA draught will take place on June 23, and the All-Star break will take place over the weekend of February 18-20 this year.

On the date that the new season would begin, the Milwaukee Bucks, who had won the championship the year before, would be scheduled to play against the Brooklyn Nets. During the course of a regular NBA season, there are typically anywhere from five to sixteen different plays that are scheduled to take place each month.

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What Are the Opening Night Teams?

On Opening Night, October 19, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. ET, the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks will play the Brooklyn Nets in a rematch of the Eastern Semifinals from the previous season. The Los Angeles Lakers face the Golden State Warriors at 10 p.m. ET. TNT.

The Boston Celtics will play the New York Knicks at 7:30 p.m. ET on October 20, 2022, while the Denver Nuggets will play the Phoenix Suns at 10 p.m. ET. Both games will be aired on ESPN.

How Many Games Are Expected Per Season?

The NBA has primarily kept to an 82-game season schedule for the duration of its existence. The NBA constructed a lengthy schedule of 60 to 72 games despite the fact that the first 10 seasons only had 8 to 17 clubs.

There have been a number of recent complaints from players who feel that the league is taking too long and is beginning to damage them, but nothing has changed because it is thought that the long years of continuous play—rather than the gameplays—are what is causing the exhaustion.

When Does the NBA Season 2022-23 Officially Begin?

Professional basketball players, however, cannot afford to take any days off because they have spent years competing in college and AAU basketball and fear that the opposition would catch up to them and overtake them in terms of performance. In 1962, when there were just nine clubs in the league, the first 80-game season was played.

It suggests that a club will face another team eight to ten times throughout the course of the season. Over the years, the season came to consist of 82 games. Only the past two seasons have been interrupted, and that was because of the coronavirus pandemic, which shut down a lot of operations in general. However, this disruption will eventually return to its pre-pandemic form.

What Are the Set Plans for the 2022-23 NBA Season?

The NBA season will resume its customary 82-game schedule in 2022–23 after being shortened to 72 games the previous two seasons due to the interruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak. From the opening round until the NBA Finals, each league’s final two playoff spots will be decided by the game tournament, with the championship series using the standard best-of-seven game format.

Basketball fans should definitely tune in to the NBA playoffs. The postseason will often be prioritized by basketball fans over the regular season. The postseason starts in the middle of April and lasts until early June.

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In 2022, the NBA draught will also take place in June, immediately following the playoffs and much nearer the finish of the collegiate basketball season. While the 2020 draught took place on November 18, the 2021 draught is scheduled for July 29. These dates will put the league back on schedule after the COVID-19 pandemic derailed the previous two seasons.

Has There Been Any Spectacular Start Offs to NBA Seasons?

There have been a few starts that merit mention throughout the history of the NBA season. The Los Angeles Lakers went on a 33-game winning streak to begin the 1971–1972 season under Jerry West’s leadership. The team finished the 82-game season with 69 wins and 13 losses. The best record in league history for any team was this one.

The NBA record for the most victories in a season has since been tied twice, the first time by the Chicago Bulls in 1995–96 when they won 72 games while losing 10.

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors set a new record in the 2015–16 season by winning 73 games while losing just nine.


The NBA season is explained in great detail in this article. As long as there are no disruptions, like a pandemic, the NBA maintains a very consistent schedule year after year.