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Žydrūnas Savickas wins Masters 40+ 2022 Official Strongman Games World’s Strongest Man

Four-time World’s Strongest Man and eight-time Arnold Strongman Classic champion Zydrunas Savickas earned his third Masters World’s Strongest Man title, confirming the Lithuanian strongman as one of, if not the best strongman ever to compete.

On the weekend of November 12-13, 2022, in Miami, Florida, Savickas defeated Rauno Heinla to win the 2022 Official Strongman Games championship. The top ten competitors in this competition are listed below.

Men’s Master’s Winners List is Given Below:

  • Zydrunas Savickas
  • Rauno Heinla
  • Jitse Kramer
  • Matt Webb
  • Dimitar Savatinov
  • Dainius Repsys
  • Romek Velt
  • Washington Flores
  • Tim Filus
  • Peter Rundberg

Other Champions Crowned

There were competitions for more Masters categories, as well as open and closed divisions. The contest winners are listed below.

Men’s Open
Spenser Remick
Men’s U105 Kilograms Andrew Clayton
Men’s U90 Kilograms Tyler Davis
Men’s U80 Kilograms Benjamin Donin
Men’s Masters 50+ Mark Felix
Women’s Open Olga Liaschuk
Women’s U82.5 Kilograms Nadia Stowers
Women’s U73 Kilograms Hannah Brock
Women’s U64 Kilograms
Rhianon Lovelace
Women’s Masters Mary Colasanto

The event was broadcast for subscribers on the Official Strongman Games website. Additionally, subscribers can replay the contest on the website.

Master’s Final Event Results are Given Below

35 participants competed in elimination heats to reduce the field to 10 competitors. On the final day of the competition, these ten competitors battled in three events to determine the champion.

Car Walk-

The competitors had 60 seconds to carry the 408-kilogram (900-pound) car structure down a 50-foot track as quickly as possible.

No competitor required more than 35 seconds to complete the task. Heinla won this competition with a time of 12.41 seconds, just 0.15 seconds faster than Jitse Kramer. Here are the final rankings for the competition.

Rauno Heinla 12.41 seconds
Jitse Kramer 12.56 seconds
Mat Webb 13.66 seconds
Tim Filus 14.25 seconds
Zydrunas Savickas 14.56 seconds
Dimitar Savatinov 15.02 seconds
Dainius Repsys 16.44 seconds
Washington Flores 17.65 seconds
Romek Velt 20.00 seconds
Peter Rundberg 31.16 seconds

Circus Dumbbell-

The men were given one minute to raise four circus dumbbells above and to the judge’s satisfaction. The weights varied between 72.5 and 100 kg (160 to 220 pounds). Once again, Heinla placed top, followed by Savatinov and Repsys.

Rauno Heinla 27.36 seconds
Dimitar Savatinov 36.14 seconds
Dainius Repsys 49.94 seconds
Zydruanas Savickas
3 in 20.78 seconds
Romek Velt
2 in 16.41 seconds
Jitse Kramer
2 in 21.66 seconds
Matt Webb
2 in 23.57 seconds
Tim Filus
2 in 29.38 seconds
Peter Rundberg
1 in 10.65 seconds
Washington Flores
1 in 24.58 seconds

Atlas Stones-

The weekend concluded with the Atlas Stones. The weight of the six stones ranged from 125 to 181.5 kg (275 to 400 pounds). They had one minute to be taken up and set on their respective pedestals.

Savickas won the competition in a convincing manner, resulting in a point tie with Heinla. Since Savickas won the final competition, he was declared the victor. Kramer and Repsys were the only other guys to successfully lift all six stones.

Zydrunas Savickas 33.28 seconds
Jitse Kramer 46.51 seconds
Dainius Repsys 59.99 seconds
Rauno Heinla
5 in 30.51 seconds
Romek Velt
5 in 39.07 seconds
Peter Rundberg
5 in 50.77 seconds
Matt Webb
4 in 26.82 seconds
Washington Flores
3 in 32.86 seconds
Dimitar Savatinov
1 in 13.91 seconds
Tim Filus 0

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