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How to create AI art on Instagram: What is the most popular app?

Recently, a trend on Instagram has gained popularity. After the Spotify Instafest post, which compiled a festival lineup of your most-listened-to artists, the AI art trend has emerged. But how do you accomplish this?

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Chances are if you’ve been anywhere near your Instagram timeline today [6 December], you’ve seen some fantastic digital photographs of your pals. Lensa-created selfies and self-portraits have become a popular fad, with users submitting images in a variety of styles.


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The software, which can be downloaded from the App Store, features a “Magic Avatars” capability that allows users to create artwork using artificial intelligence based on uploaded photographs. If you’ve ever wondered what you might look like as a cartoon, here’s your chance!

How can you create a profile built by AI using Lensa?

Download the Lensa app for free, then scroll through the slides until you reach the “free trial enabled” option, which grants you one week of access to the software. Afterward, you’ll be charged $29.99 (about £24.59) for a yearly subscription, so cancel if you don’t want to spend extra.

Then, you will be required to upload 10 to 20 images of yourself, taken from a range of angles and displaying a variety of facial emotions, so that the AI can generate digital representations of you.

You must ensure that they are selfies and portraits, as opposed to full-length or group shots, for the app to have the highest chance of creating your digital art. Watch asian drama and shows free on Kiss Asian

You may also choose the “Cartoon” art style from the “effects” menu to generate a lot of free AI versions of yourself, giving you countless alternatives for new Instagram photos. You are very welcome.