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What Is Dashboard Sesco: How to Use ,features and Is Ecom Genie App Legit?

What Is Ecom Genie App Sesco?

An online shop that can assist you in increasing the number of web sales generated by your organization. There are other options available, including running enterprises and increasing the overall sales of the organization.

The site offers a functional shopping cart, solid payment gateway connections, functional order management, and it are mobile-friendly.

The site also features a scalable architecture, as well as standard report and analytics capabilities, as well as a standard logistical integration platform. Overall, the website is capable of dealing with a high volume of visitors.

How to Use Ecom Genie App?

The Ecom Genie software is really simple to use. All that is required is that you follow a few simple steps.

dashboard sesco

  • To access the Ecom genie link, navigate to it in your browser.
  • Create an account with them using your selected password and username, and go from there.
  • For sellers, after an agreement has been reached, they have the option of either loading their items onto the site themselves or enlisting the assistance of one of the Ecom Genie affiliates.
  • For buyers, you may begin purchasing things of your choosing quickly and effortlessly, and the site functions similarly to any other eCommerce site.
  • Once you have picked up your purchases, they will be added to your shopping basket.
  • You can request delivery of the goods from your shopping basket once your payments have been received and processed.


  • Among the many functions of Ecom Genie that help to illuminate the situation are the following:
  • It offers a simple, user-friendly interface that is appropriate for an eCommerce site.
  • That website is real and can be found using search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It is also viewable through browsers such as Safari.

dashboard sesco

  • A simple dashboard with quick access to installment payments and product delivery.
  • Additionally, they have conventional payment gateway interfaces available.
  • They have a solid customer service department, and you may reach them at the phone numbers listed on their website if you have any questions.
  • An adequate order management system and a scalable infrastructure are available on the site.

Is Ecom Genie App Legit?

The website is authentic, and it functions exceptionally well. A few tests have already been performed on the site, and the results have shown that the site is working well in terms of all of the characteristics that were investigated in order to establish the site’s credibility.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Sesco Stappenshap?

 THE STAPPENSHAPP COMPANY. When SESCO was founded in September of 2017, it was merely a fantasy of selling things on the internet. A dream that encourages freedom and expression, shaped by passion and experience, sprang from a new idea that would assist every Filipino in realizing their ambitions and aspirations.

How do I get a sesco account?

  • To apply for credit, please complete the Credit Application available HERE and send it to us in one of two ways: either by emailing it to or by dropping it off at any SESCO shop.
  • Please complete our online Credit Application Form, which may be found HERE.

How Do I Change My Username on Sesco?

You must first log into your account before making any changes to your account information. You may do this by visiting your account dashboard. Your account dashboard may be reached by clicking on the words “Hi, Your name” that appear in the top right corner of the website’s home page. We may be reached at if you need to change your username or email ID.