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How to Earn Money in Gcash: Best Ways to Earn Money While Watching Adds!

How to Earn Money on Gcash for Free?

You may make money with GCash in one of five ways.

  • You may earn 50 for each new signup you generate by recommending and inviting more and more people to GCash.
  • Prepaid packs may be purchased for Globe, Smart, TM, TNT, and other networks in denominations ranging from 5 to 1000 pesos for use by your family and friends.
  • Place your surplus savings in GCash to earn at a rate of 3.1 percent for every $100,000 you deposit into the account.
  • Place funds into GCash and receive interest payments in return for your investment.
  • Playing the many games offered on GCash will increase your chances of winning cash rewards.
  • Several applications, when downloaded and used on your mobile device, might assist you in earning money.
  • You may make money from the app even if you just sit and watch advertisements.

How to Earn Money in Gcash by Playing Games?

We’ll show you how to get money by playing games in this section. You can earn money by playing games on GCash, and here’s how.

  • GLife may be accessed from your dashboard on your GCash app.
  • While the game is loaded, make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Select the game or tournament within a game that you wish to participate in.

how to earn money in gcash

  • Completing the leaderboards will allow you to participate in larger games.
  • You may enter paid tournaments where you can compete against other players for as low as 25 cents each entry.
  • If you achieve the highest possible score, you will be eligible to win a variety of amazing rewards.

By Playing Tongits Go?

  • Open your GCash app, and then navigate to the GLife section of your dashboard.
  • To begin playing Tong Its Go, choose Club from the drop-down menu and then New Club from the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting aboard, you will be sent to the Ready button, where you may begin playing the game.
  • You may also ask your friends, if you happen to have any, to come and play with you.
  • Once the game begins, select one of the four options that appear on the screen: battle, drop, group, or dump.
  • After evaluating your cards, you may decide whether to drop or battle in the game.
  • When you hit the combat button, a pop-up window will appear displaying the worth of your hand. If your Hand’s worth is higher than a certain threshold, it will ask if you wish to continue the fight.
  • When you click on Dump, a list of your cards will be displayed. Choose the one you want to get rid of.
  • You will be able to continue playing the game and winning cash and other amazing rewards in this manner.

By Playing Block Puzzle?

It is possible to get points by playing Block Puzzle if you play until the end goal of completing all of the blocks. After you’ve collected enough points from winning blocks, you may spin the fortunate wheel to get even more points.

  • Open your GCash app first, and then select GLife from the dashboard to begin using it.
  • Select the Block Puzzle game from the list of games that are currently available.
  • After launching the game, press the “start” button to begin.
  • Start by removing the blocks that have been placed in the game.
  • Each time a new block is won, the number of points you have earned will be shown.

How to Earn Money in Gcash by Watching Ads?

You will need to accomplish various actions, such as watching advertisements, in order to earn money from GCash. Watching advertisements will earn you 5 cents or 50 points.

how to earn money in gcash

  • Access your GCash account by logging in.
  • To watch advertisements, go to the Main Menu (three horizontal lines) and select Watch commercials from the drop-down menu.
  • Begin by viewing advertisements, since each advertisement will earn you 5 or 50 points.
  • You will begin to notice the sums being sent into your account wallet, which you may access at any moment

How to Earn Money in Gcash Without Inviting or Referring 2021?

The following methods can be used to generate income without the need to invite or recommend friends: 1.

  • GCash sponsored shopping sites to allow you to make money as you shop, whether you are shopping online or offline.
  • Purchase mobile loads and use the money to pay bills in order to gain more income.
  • GCash may be used to play games.

Other Ways to Earn Money From Gcash?

  • It is possible to earn 50 cents simply by registering with the website.
  • Purchase and sale of load
  • Save money and put it into an investment vehicle.
  • Take part in games
  • Watch advertisements to earn money through the GCash app.


Here’s a brief explanation of how you can make money with the GCash app. Increase your earnings potential from GCash by utilizing all of the numerous ways described in this article.