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How to Unlock a Chase Debit Card: What is the Process?

Account-holders may choose to lock or unlock their accounts from time to time for a variety of reasons, including security concerns. Using the Chase app, you may lock and unlock your Chase account at your convenience.

  • Once you’ve signed in, pick the account you wish to restrict access to.
  • Select the menu option from the three-dot menu bar.
  • When you are on the Account Services tab, you may access the toggle switch that will prevent your account from being used.
  • Move the switch to the side, which will allow you to lock your account.

What Is Card Lock?

When you use card lock, you may prevent your credit card from being used or canceled without canceling it.

That may seem like a minor distinction, but it is actually rather significant for one very specific reason: card lock allows you to preserve your existing credit card information.

Choosing to lock instead of cancel completely affects the game.

how to lock chase debit card

With your credit card on lock, you no longer have to be concerned about someone using your lost or stolen credit card to make purchases on your behalf. Card locks prevent fresh transactions from being made on the card, leading any potential thief to believe the card has been canceled and put it in the garbage.

Regardless of whether it’s simply sitting behind the bar, you won’t even have to go back to collect it. You may place an order for a new, identical card with the same account number to be sent as soon as possible (one that will likely swipe better than your old one, as well), and then ask the bartender to chop up your old card.

How Does Locking Your Debit Card Work?

Due to the fact that a lost or stolen card represents a greater responsibility to the credit card companies than it does for you, they encourage you to use a card lock.

Chase was the first to deploy card lock, doing so in September of 2018 and becoming the industry standard. For that, I’ll delegate the task of demonstrating how it typically operates to them.

All you have to do to access Account Services via the Chase Mobile® app is scroll down to your card, touch on it to view recent activity, and then scroll down from there to find Account Services.

Then, with a tap on the big ol’ padlock on the right, you’ll be Bob’s uncle.

Locking your card does not prevent all transactions from taking place; rather, it just prevents future ones from taking place. This is an important distinction since it ensures that your monthly payments to utility suppliers, landlords, and other creditors will not be disrupted in any way.

Overall, the card just serves to deter criminal activity until you can either locate or destroy the card in question; nothing more.

How to Block Chase Debit Card Online?

You may block or lock your debit card in one of two ways: by calling the bank or by visiting their website.

  • To lock or block your debit card, go to the website listed above and follow the instructions.
  • You can also call the support center to get assistance with blocking the debit card if necessary.

How to Unlock Chase Debit Card on App 2021?

You will need to take a few simple steps after logging into the Chase card application in order to unlock your debit card from the app.

  • Make your way over to the Personal Banking section.
  • Select the account that is linked to your debit card from the drop-down menu: checking account or savings account.
  • Select Account services from the drop-down menu. To unlock the card, select the unlock card tab.

how to lock chase debit card

  • To change the status of your card, simply click on the toggle switch.

How Unlock/unblock Chase Debit Card Online?

Once you have navigated to the Account Services section of your Menu option, you can quickly flick the switch to unlock or unblock the account.

Can I Temporarily Lock My Chase, Debit Card?

Yes, you may use the toggle switch for locking and unlocking your account to lock or unlock your account for a short period of time or permanently. Please do not touch this tab if you desire to keep it locked indefinitely.


Certain account functionality is altered when your cards are blocked or unblocked. It does not, however, interfere with any other functions. By locking your card, you may prevent it from being used to make any new purchases for a period of time.

It is also possible to prevent the use of advance cash options and the transfer of funds. Recurring transfers, on the other hand, will continue to occur. Even if your debit card is locked, you might investigate the possibility of utilizing a digital wallet to make purchases in the meantime.