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Igmods: How to Use and Features and It’s Safe?

What is

It is a customized version of the official Instagram program from Facebook, which allows you to gain more Instagram followers. It is a highly reputable app with features that may be quite beneficial to Instagram users, among other things. In order to use some features, the app requires additional permissions, which must be granted to it when the program is downloaded.

Audio and video storage, as well as the ability to download Instagram and story videos, are all included. Additional capabilities include the ability to copy comments, see the whole profile image, and various functions that are included with the program, such as


– The IGmods app can download Instagram photos and videos.

– No advertising between tales.

– The app makes viewing full profile photos easier.

– Great communications tool.

– This software notifies you when a follower unfollows you.

— User-friendly interface

– Control your comments simply.

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How to use

– To begin, visit the IGmod website by clicking here.


In addition, you’ll have to launch the app and select from the options shown in your profile on the website.

Installing Tutu VIP or even earning Free Instagram Likes is as simple as tapping the Tutu VIP app.

Instructions on how to use each app are provided in great detail and include the following:


  • If you want images and videos for a specific Instagram account, enter the username there.
  • Tap on Connect, then verifies that the account you wish to unlock is the one that appears.
  • To prove that you’re not a robot, go ahead and complete the human verification process.

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CONS of using IGmod apps

You may have to incur the risk of downloading modified apps from third parties and unknown sources if they aren’t accessible on the Google Playstore.

PROS of using IGmod apps

With the aid of the applications for Instagram, you may discover a plethora of amazing features. The features that may be examined will only assist you in effectively using the numerous capabilities of Instagram on your smartphone through the usage of IGmods.

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Is safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use, despite the fact that it is customized software. The software developers take a number of precautions to ensure user safety. Getting likes on, blue ticks, secret account viewing, and much more may be accomplished with the use of the app, among other things.