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Valtrace: How to Use With QR Scanner and Registration?

This ordinance, known as Ordinance No. 783, was approved by the municipal council of Valenzuela. It outlines the penalties that will be levied and how the application will be implemented. By making use of technology and keeping social separation in mind, the government has accepted this application as a step toward halting its growth.

The government is in charge of implementing contactless forms and making the most of the newly developed software. To use the Valtrace app, a user must download the app, register, and scan a QR code, and the local information will be sent to the local government after remaining offline or 24 hours from the app.

How to Use the Valenzuela Qr Code Scanner?

As a reaction to the rapid spread of the pandemic, the Valenzuela City Local Government has approved a rule requiring the use of a QR scanner for the Valtrace App. Locals and visitors alike may use the software, which is available for free download. The “No QR, no admission” rule will be implemented in the near future. To scan a QR code, the process is quite straightforward.

  • Open the integrated camera, which most smartphones now have the capacity of scanning QR codes. There is an opportunity to scan a QR code there.
  • If you can’t locate one, go to Settings, hit the Control Center, and then configure controls.
  • The QR code displays in the viewfinder, so place your phone there. When the phone is properly held, the camera immediately recognizes the code.
  • Please wait for the code to execute.

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How to Do Registration?

The Valtrace app must be downloaded and registered by all residents and non-residents of Valenzuela, as mandated by the city’s legislation.

1. You may look for the application on any web portal, or you can go to and click on the ValTrace app Registration button.  There are alternatives like ‘Citizen Sign up’ and ‘Citizen Login’ that flash on the website, as well as ‘Merchant Signup” and ‘Merchant Login.

2. Select the applicable section and go to the next step. Upon completion, the website will prompt you to provide some of the essential information, such as your name, birth date, and province, as well as your home address and mobile phone number.


3. Once you have confirmed your password, simply click on Submit and you will be ready to go.

4. When traveling to any business establishment, it is necessary to scan the QR code and proceed to the next location.

5. By taking these basic procedures, one may make a positive difference in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

How to Download the Valtrace Contact Tracing App or Apk Free?

Using the contact tracing software, individuals can be kept secure and the Noble Corona Virus may be contained. In the event that someone is infected, everyone who has come into close contact with them in the recent two months is alerted. This is completed as soon as possible.

To help the country, the application and registration process are free of charge. Beginning on September 12, all inhabitants and non-residents of Valenzuela are required to register and get their QR codes for the Valtrace application.

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When a person scans their QR code, the Central Contact Tracing system receives their personal information. Individuals who fail to meet the requirements of the ordinance are subject to prosecution by the Government.

How Does It Work?

All people in Valenzuela, including locals and visitors, need to have the Valtrace app on their phones. All of their personal information is uploaded to the Valenzuela central Contact Tracing System at the Mega Contact Tracing center when they walk out in public or private locations by scanning the QR code on the application form.


All friends and relatives of the person are alerted via the app if they detect any signs, so they can remain vigilant and report anything they see.

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The Valtrace app case study is available online. The usage of Valenzuela will be more effective in halting the spread of the virus and is appropriate for the well-being of Valenzuela.