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New WhatsApp Update: Avatars Also Available On WhatsApp For Everyone!!

Are you all using WhatsApp today for personal work or for entertainment purposes?

Yes, Ofcourse

Then, Most of you already familiar with the Avatars?

That we are currently using Snapchat as a Bitmozi and on iPhone as a Memoji.

Avatars make chats more interesting and enjoyable.

Avatars are one of the newest features that have been added to the instant messaging platform known as WhatsApp. Users of WhatsApp are given the ability to create an animated version. After that, you can use these avatars to send personalized stickers and even set your WhatsApp profile picture with one of them.

Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp announced that users of the latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android can finally set up an avatar.

How To Make Your Whatsapp Avatars?

Firstly, make sure your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version.

You can do this by visiting on apple store or play store for androids.

When the app is updated then click on three dots on the top right of the main screen and in the options that show up below, tap Settings.

On the next page choose avatars.

whatsaap avatarsIf you visit this page for the first time, they will guide you on how to create avatars creation as shown in the image. Start by clicking on the “Create Your Avatar” button.

You will see a number of customization options that let you change your avatar’s hairstyle, face shape, eyebrows, and any other accessories. Once you’ve done this, you can save your avatar.

Don’t worry you can make changes later also.

whatsaap avatars

Once you have created the avatar, you will be automatically taken to the avatar page.

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Here you will see two options-Browse stickers where you can preview all the stickers which you have created or you can edit them if you want.

And at last, you can create your profile photo.

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