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Xresolvers: How to Boot Using and Get Blacklisted on Xresolver?

It can run on any sort of device and any form of the operating system. Every web browser may use the Xresolver Xbox blacklist, including Xresolver Microsoft, PS4, PS5, Xresolver Roblox, and so on. HDMI input ports allow you to connect your Xbox to a display or laptop.

You may blacklist yourself for free and without purchasing Xresolver in a few different methods.
When utilizing a virtual private network (VPN), one can connect to a remote server and mask their original IP address.
You can also change your IP address by re-establishing contact with your ISP.
To make a change to your static IP address, contact your internet service provider.
If you’re using dynamic IP, restarting your router a few times will help you make the switch.

Avoid playing games with strangers.
Use the data removal form to remove questionable users from your friend’s list and also remove the IP address.

How to Boot Using Xresolver?

In order to get started using Xresolver, users will need to undertake the following steps.

It’s possible to download and install any freebooter.

To boot out, type in the IP address you’d like to use.

Set a time limit for when you don’t want to be interrupted by the user. –

– Select the DDOS option from the drop-down menu.

As soon as the IP address has been successfully booted, the program informs users of this fact.

How to Get Blacklisted on Xresolver?

Your username can be blacklisted to guarantee that no one blocks you or diverts your attention in a game. Only a sniffer application may be used to blacklist your own IP address. It is possible to blacklist your IP address using Octosniff, but you may need to buy points to do so.


As a result, Octosniff, a network research tool that allows you to observe traffic from your console or mobile device, is required.

Here’s How You Can Blacklist Yourself by Using the Xresolver Xbox Blacklist.

Xresolver is where you’ll enter your Gamertag.

– Your IP address will be provided via your Gamertag. One Gamertag can be entered into the Xresolver box at any given time. In order to get the IP address of many Gamertags, you’d have to put them in one at a time, one at a time

Take the IP address and log in to Octosniff using your account.

To be able to ban your IP address, you must first buy 500 points.

Once you’ve purchased an IP address, we’ll send you a key through email.

It’s time to sign in to your Octosniff account if you haven’t already and copy the key/Xresolver blacklist IP link.

Redeeming a license and adding a key to your account is as simple as clicking a button.

You may now claim points by swiping to the right.

– Once the points have been claimed, go to Miscellaneous and then scroll down to the blacklist area to complete the process.

Blacklist Username: – Enter your IP address and click on it.

Re-enter your username on the website now.

As proof of your blacklisting, it would be shown to you.

How to Use Xresolver for Xbox?

Xresolver may be used to find Xbox’s IP address. AI bot engines are used to scrape the internet for IP address-related information just in this resolver.

How Does Xresolver Get Ips?

Xresolver obtains Gamertags, and it is possible to obtain IP addresses by using these tags. For ARP scanning, port scanning, and geolocation tracking purposes, they provide an in-built tool.


Xresolver is an excellent tool for extracting the IP address from the Gamertag.

Is Xresolver Illegal?

Using the Xresolver software, it is allowed to utilize bots to scrape data. IP address extraction is not unlawful in any jurisdiction, not even in the United States.