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Twitter Suddenly Changes Everything, Now What is the meaning of Yellow CheckmArk

During Elon Musk’s time in power, Twitter has often felt pretty chaotic and confusing. It’s the kind of place where things change quickly, and Twitter Blue is no exception.

When Elon first bought the company, he planned to make users pay for Twitter Blue verification. Eventually, he did give some users that choice, but the feature was shut down quickly.

Now, Elon is making another change to Twitter Blue. Users have noticed that there is now a yellow checkmark. What does the check mark in yellow mean? Find out by reading on!

Elon Musk gets control of Twitter as the CEO and CFO depart the building.

Meaning of the yellow checkmark on Twitter

Twitter’s verification service started up again on December 12, and with it came some new checkmarks that were less familiar than the blue ones that most people use.

The new Twitter Blue, which includes these checkmarks, will cost $8 a month on desktop and $11 a month on iOS. With the relaunch comes a new approval process that is meant to stop users from using verification to copy other accounts.

Now that the new checkmarks have been released, Twitter’s official account has a gold-colored yellow checkmark. From now on, businesses that have been verified on Twitter will have a yellow or gold check mark.

The checkmark is meant to show that the account belongs to “an official business account through Twitter Blue for Business.” Twitter is testing the feature right now.

It looks like not all businesses on Twitter have these yellow checkmarks yet, and it’s still not clear how to get one. People who look closely have noticed that different accounts can have yellow or blue checkmarks even within the same company.

It looks like the goal is for gold checkmarks to be used only on accounts that have been officially verified by Twitter and represent companies.

There will also be a grey checkmark on Twitter

Twitter also said that it would be rolling out a grey checkmark for “government and multilateral accounts,” but it didn’t say when this would happen. The goal is to make it clear if an account is real or if it was made by someone who paid for verification so they could say they were Eli Lilly or another big company.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, things haven’t been going too well

Even though Elon and the team he left behind at Twitter are still adding new features and services to the platform, the company has been in trouble ever since he bought it.

Partly because Elon has never been afraid to say what he thinks about politics and culture. Also, he has fired a lot of people, making Twitter a much less stable place than it used to be.

It’s not clear what will happen with the platform as long as Elon still owns it. But it is clear that Elon has changed the platform in many ways in the short time he has owned it. You might like the yellow checkmarks or think they’re weird, but you have to use them as long as Elon owns Twitter.

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