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Roger Federer’s controversial moments

When it comes to his playing career, Roger Federer, the Swiss tennis legend, has left no stone unturned. With 20 Grand Slam championships, he holds the record for most Grand Slam titles in the sport’s history. Federer, who is now ranked No. 4 in the world, has been involved in a number of scandals during his career. Let me walk you through five of his debates.

During the 2015 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, Roger Federer was spotted inspecting Team India’s shirt and shared a selfie of himself wearing it on Facebook. “Today I’m getting ready for a Gentleman’s game. Bleed Blue, Bleed Blue, Bleed Blue, Bleed Blue “He made a Facebook comment. The image, however, offended his Pakistani admirers, and he was forced to apologise to them. He also stated that it was a Nike promotion and that the goal was not to start a fire.

Federer swore at the umpire in the 2009 US Open final because he thought Del Potro was waiting too long to challenge. The reason Federer was enraged was because Del Potro’s challenge reversed an out judgement, allowing him to break Federer’s serve and claim the second set. Del Potro eventually won the tournament, and Federer received a $1,500 punishment for his profane outburst.

Federer’s sneakers were banned from the 2013 Wimbledon because his Nike trainer shoes included a lot of orange hues, which were in violation of Wimbledon’s all-white regulation. The All England Club instructed him to replace his shoes in the subsequent rounds because the bright orange sole was a touch too much for the authorities. Notably, he was not fined for the incident.

Boris Becker, a former tennis player and Novak DjokoviC’s coach, wrote a book in which he made some fascinating remarks regarding Roger Federer.
Federer, according to Becker, hides his genuine thoughts out of care for his feelings and image. In his book Wimbledon: My Life and Career at the All England Club, he also gave some unique perspectives on Federer and Novak’s connection. “Books are there to be sold,” Federer stated as a response. “I read a little more like that”.

Federer hammered a ball through the net at the French Open in 2012, putting an end to an outstanding rally. He’d already lost the first set and was on his way to losing the second.
He turned to the French throng at this point and screamed at them to “Shut Up!” The opponent was Juan Martin Del Petro.
Federer, on the other hand, won the following three sets to reach his 31st Grand Slam semifinal.