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Vlad and Niki Youtube Channel, Subscribers, Ranking, Instagram & Net Worth

The Russian-American brothers Vlad and Niki Vashketov, ages 9 and 7, have made a lot of noise on YouTube since 2018 with their channel Vlad & Niki. The channel, which has over 90,2 million subscribers, was made, written, and produced by parents Sergey and Victoria Vashketov.

It focuses on preschool-related topics like science experiments, stories, family fun, discovery play, home adventures, indoor and outdoor fun, and games, singing, dancing, and more. And because of this, they have now made tens of millions of dollars and bought a $12.5 million Miami mansion, a Ferrari, and a Range Rover.

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The channel started in April 2018 when Vlad, who was born in 2013, started watching other kids’ videos on YouTube and asked his parents if he could do the same. The videos are localized on 21 channels and translated into 18 languages.

BusinessofBusiness says that the father, Sergey, quit his job in sales to help with the channel. Eventually, he made deals with brands and set up international licensing. Some of the brand deals that the channel has been with Hot Wheels, Paw Patrol, WWE, and Imaginext.

According to BusinessofBusiness, when the father talked about the channel, he said, “Vlad & Niki” is the right mix for our family. We get to do things together and make up new and interesting stories for our “on-camera” play.

It’s great that we get to act like we’re playing with our boys while doing our favorite things on camera and making our fans feel something. And further added, “Through our family’s play, kids and their parents from all over the world get to know each other.

This is the most rewarding thing for us. Vlad and Niki aren’t actors; they’re real kids who do real things on camera and invite everyone else to join in.

Vlad and Niki’s Net Worth

As of November 2022, the channel had the 12th most subscribers in the world. They also have an app called Vlad and Niki that has games like Vlad and Niki Smart Games, Vlad and Niki Super Market, and Vlad and Niki 12 locks. Together, these two brothers have a net worth of about $130 million.

DailyMail says that in 2019, the two boys were among the most profitable YouTubers, making about $312,000 per video. Dan Weinstein, whose company Underscore Talent represents “Vlad and Niki,” had this to say about it: “You can make a global franchise without a major studio. I think it’s pretty crazy to think about that.”

Youtube and Instagram Details

Channel Name: Vlad and Niki

Subscribers: 90.6 Million

USA Rank: 6th

Instagram user name: vlad.super.vlad

Instagram Followers: 252K Followers

Posts: 1052

Youtube Channel Stats

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Youtube Channel Stats - Vlad and Niki

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