Is Shauna Rae dating Dan? - The Tough Tackle Is Shauna Rae dating Dan? - The Tough Tackle

 Is Shauna Rae dating Dan?

Who is Shauna Rae's Boyfriend?

Speaking of dating, does Shauna currently have a significant other? In the series, the brunette says that she is currently single.

In the second season, Shauna went on a promising date with Thomas

In the premiere episode of Season 2 of I Am Shauna Rae, she went on a date with Thomas, a volunteer fireman who also has pituitary dwarfism.

Is Shauna Rae dating Dan?

Later in Season 2 of her TLC show, Shauna's encounter with a new man was highlighted. She stated on the show, "Recently, I've been communicating with a man named Dan, and we've been conversing for a while

Shauna's mother Patty and stepfather Mark had several questions for Dan while he prepared sushi at their home. They questioned Dan, who enjoys traveling if he would expect Shauna to accompany him if they began dating.

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