The Dragon Prince Season 5


Anshul Kamboj



The series is expected to continue from the fourth season (listed below) and follow the basic plot, which tells the story of the half-brother princes Callum and Ezran and the Moonshadow elf Rayla.


– Paula Burrows is the person who plays Rayla. – Callum is played by Jack De Sena. – Claudia is played by Racquel Belmonte.

Streaming Platforms

The show will only be available on Netflix, where you can also find all of the previous seasons and choose from different membership plans.

Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond made The Dragon Prince, a fantasy computer-animated TV show for Netflix.

The Dragon Prince Season 5 will have at least nine episodes, each of which will be between 24 and 33 minutes long, just like the previous three seasons.

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