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The cast of Too Old for Fairy Tales collaborated on the production of a great movie, but who are the actors?

When his parents discover this, they try to get him to pay attention to the real world again.

The decision to give the lead role to young Polish actor Maciej Karas,  who has a lot of potential, was one that we think was an excellent one.

Check out the important members of the Too Old for Fairy Tales cast that  we will introduce in the next sentence if you are interested in  learning more about the rest of the cast.

He is most known for his role as Ferdynand Kiepski in the television series “Wiat wedug Kiepskich,” which he played in.

Grabowski received his diploma from the Ludwik Solski Academy of  Dramatic Arts in Krakow in 1974 and began his career as an actor shortly  thereafter.

In 1989, he represented one of the main characters in the film “Kapita, czyli jak zarobi pienidze w Polsce.”

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