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Dutch Mantell explains why WWE announced Mickie James for Royal Rumble

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell explained about Mickie James’ addition to this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He explained that WWE wanted Mickie James and several other stars because their roster is too thin.

“I think they wanted Mickie James. And she’s not signed to anything with them, right? She’s not on contract for a year or anything. That’s what I think, they need some names in there. But they get rid of these people and then they say, ‘Wow, wish she was still here now, we would have someone to go to.’ Forgetting that if she had stayed, they would have Mickie James killed her off anyway. This company is hard to figure out. A lot of the stuff they do makes absolutely no sense.” Mantell said about Mickie James’ return.